Stranger Things 2: Back To The Future

February 6, 2017
The teaser trailer for Stranger Things 2 has dropped during The Super Bowl…and it promises more retro delights from Hawkins, Indiana.

Ghostbusters costumes, an old Eggo commercial, that classic eighties title font, the synth laden score, hard-pedalled pushbikes…Stranger Things 2 is coming, and it looks just as gloriously retro as the groundbreaking first season. One of the most successful shows in Netflix’s short history, Stranger Things has further pushed geek culture into the mainstream, with what looked like a niche cult fave at best turning out to be nothing short of a phenomenon. The show even picked up a surprise award for Best Ensemble Drama Cast at the recent Screen Actors Guild Awards, leading to Winona Ryder’s oddest performance in years. The teaser for the series’ second installment promises that the whole world will be “turned upside down”, and we can’t wait to be dumped on our collective heads.

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