Short Film of the Week: Science+

February 19, 2021

“It’s safe to say humans have been deeply engaged with technology for a while now, and we can easily get swept up by the incredible impacts it has on our lives,” producer Yingna Lu told us. “Science+ is a fun spin on what it’s like when life gets high tech and then goes too far. It was wonderful to be collaborating and exploring in this sci fi world with friends, creator Seaton Kay-Smith and director Leela Varghese.”

“Any shoot is going to be stressful, especially when you’re trying to make the budget work – but it was such an amazing team, not just because everyone was so skilled, but everyone was really fun to work with. Just really good people. It was a real pleasure to make,” said Seaton Kay-Smith (who also appears as mean ant) of the short, which is also a potential pilot episode of a web series.

“This is as much about getting the series off the ground as it is about talent escalation,” he added. “Hopefully this doesn’t just lead to more episodes of Science+ but to more interesting and fun work for every single member of the team involved in making it!”


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