by FilmInk Staff

“In January this year, I said to my wife, ‘I’m done trying to make a name for myself in film, I’m not getting anywhere, it’s all pointless.'” says Kacey Baker. “In March I told her, ‘I have to give it one last crack.’ I wrote two short films, first one accumulated 60,000 views in a few days and I nearly dropped dead in excitement. Inspired, I quickly wacked together another one a week later, this one got 2 million views in days. Weeks later I got the call from Hollywood, they loved my writing, told me I was hilarious and asked why had they only heard of me now. I was contacted by an LA Manager with a first look feature film deal at Sony Pictures International.

“It’s crazy, I’m currently juggling children, work and exhaustion while preparing feature film pitches for Sony Pictures, Netflix and Amazon Studios. The validating truth of being a viral success is that it’s pure talent that travels, not who you know, or gender, film body agenda favouritism, or marketing budgets… you are recognised for your talent and ability to capture an audience with your work and your work only. I’m very honoured. And very proud of my actors. As soon as the bans are lifted, I have to fly to Los Angeles for meetings and I can’t wait.”



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