Russell Crowe is Cleaning Out the Garage for his “Art of Divorce” Auction

March 9, 2018
Wanna buy a used chariot?

After five years of separation, actor Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer are finalising their divorce. That’s not the kind of news we usually truck with, but there’s an unusual wrinkle that makes this bit of business worth elevating from the gossip pages. Crowe is liquidating their joint assets through Sotheby’s Australia in an auction the Oscar-winning performer has wryly entitled “The Art of Divorce.”

As described by the Sotheby’s site, this is “A selection of major works from the private collection of Russell Crowe will be auctioned by Sotheby’s Australia on 7 April 2018.  A date of particular significance as both the actor’s birthday and wedding anniversary.

“The sale represents the dispersal of a highly personal collection that was assembled by Crowe over many years, including those shared with his former wife, Danielle Spencer.

“The Russell Crowe Collection comprises important paintings by some of Australia’s most significant historic, modern and contemporary artists, furniture, movie memorabilia, musical instruments, watches and sporting memorabilia.”

For FilmInk readers, its the movie memorabilia that holds the most interest, and Crowe has certainly amassed quite a collection over the course of his career. Want to own Hando’s DMs from Romper Stomper? Maximus’ gladius from Gladiator? Captain Jack Aubrey’s violin* from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World?

Do you want a fully functioning Roman chariot? Because one’s going up on the block. Horses sold separately.

Certainly there are a few duds – it’s doubtful that anyone is really hankering to own Sid 6.7’s suit from Virtuosity, let’s face it – but on the whole it’s a really impressive set. Check out the lot at the Sotheby’s site. The auction is happening on April 7 and, if anyone is feeling particularly generous, we’re rather partial to LA Confidential.

*You are not gonna believe what that thing’s worth.


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