Riley Sugars’ Short Hatchback starring Stephen Curry and Jackson Tozer wraps

September 12, 2021
Described as Weekend at Bernie's with a mix of Reservoir Dogs.  

Melbourne filmmaker Riley Sugars’ Hatchback is a comedy, which centres on two men bickering over the task of disposing of a dead body.

“Directing such funny and seasoned professionals just made my job so easy as a Director,” said Sugars. “Stephen and Jackson just understood the characters.”

The film stars Stephen Curry as Vince, tasked to dispose of the body for the mob. Jackson Tozer (Lazybones, Mr Inbetween, The NewsreaderL) plays Vince’s bumbling assistant Ted.

“I will happily say that at least 50% of the dialogue is improvised in the film,” says Sugars, who co-wrote the screenplay with Chloe Graham. “After casting Stephen Curry and Jackson Tozer, I discussed it with Graham and the thinking was simple: when you have two comedic actors of this calibre with far more experience and intuition than I do, run with their ideas. Why? Because they’ll make the film so much better!”

Shot in March 2021, Hatchback is Produced by Riley Sugars, Jon Grosland, Chloe Graham and Anthony Littlechild with Cinematography by Littlechild, Editing by Stig Wemyss, Production and Costume Design by Phoenix Waddell, and Music by Leon Ross. Post-production was completed in September, and the film is now being submitted to film festivals.

“My feeling is that once people see this film, they will be hungry for more from the characters of Vince and Ted,” said Sugars, whose most recent short Rabbits played at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. He also recently worked as Location Manager on the feature film Wog Boys Forever.



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