Richard Roxburgh Returns As Roger Rogerson!

October 27, 2016
The convicted former detective gets another televisual day in court with the upcoming series, Blue Murder: Killer Cop.

He might be currently languishing in a prison cell for knocking rookie drug dealer, Jamie Gao, but former NSW detective, Roger Rogerson, will be in the public eye again when Channel 7 broadcasts the mini-series, Blue Murder: Killer Cop, in 2017. A sequel to ABC-TV’s 1995 masterpiece, Blue Murder, the series will see Richard Roxburgh reprise his heralded portrayal of Australia’s most notorious cop. And while Rogerson will likely dispute the accuracy of what’s portrayed, he’ll probably be happy with Roxburgh’s work. “I’d never heard of Richard Roxburgh until he played me,” Rogerson told FilmInk in 2011. “It was amazing to see how he portrayed me; he got all my mannerisms, without even having met me. The show really is a masterpiece.”

Roxburgh will be joined in Blue Murder: Killer Cop by an all-star cast including Toni Collette, Matt Nable, Dan Wyllie, Emma Booth, Justin Smith, Damian Walshe-Howling, Steve Le Marquand, Aaron Pedersen, and Aaron Jeffery, while his original Blue Murder co-stars, Tony Martin and Peter Phelps, will reprise their roles as Arthur “Neddy” Smith and Graham “Abo” Henry, respectively.

The official synopsis from Channel 7 goes like this: “A floating body, a drug deal gone wrong, and two former detectives the perpetrators. Life imprisonment is the end of Roger Rogerson’s story. The last Blue Murder ended with his expulsion in disgrace from the NSW Police Force. In this instalment, Rogerson struggles to make a living in a world that’s rapidly changing, caught between the pressures of criminals, police, and a love that might save him.”

And though much of the creative from Blue Murder will return (including producer/director, Michael Jenkins), one notable absentee is powerhouse scribe, Ian David, who was credited with much of the original’s success. With Peter Schreck (Young Lions, Wildside) taking his place, you have to wonder if Blue Murder: Killer Cop might hurt at least just a little from Ian David’s lack of involvement.

To read FilmInk’s 2011 interview with Roger Rogerson, click here.

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