Year:  2021

Director:  Leighton De Barros

Rated:  CTC

Release:  March 18, 2021

Distributor: Fan-Force

Running time: 90 minutes

Worth: $14.00
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Jaimen Hudson

…a nautical Rocky…

Jaimen Hudson was born into a family where outdoor pursuits coloured every day of his youth. His parents were both diving teachers, so it’ll come as no surprise that at the age of 10, Jaimen took a great interest in the hobby.

Unfortunately for Jaimen, in 2008, when he was just 17 years old, he was involved in a motorbike accident that left him confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. While tragically, Jaimen has been unable to go back into the water, he has still maintained a passion for the sea. As this documentary shows, Jaimen developed an interest in aerial photography and videography. Cut to today, and Jaimen’s sea life videos are now in excess of 250 million views online.

It’s no surprise either. Littered throughout the documentary, Jaiden’s drone captured footage consists of captivating and beautiful shots of whales and seals uninterrupted by human contact. Jaimen is committed to the process, which we witness early on in the film. He’s fiercely independent and wants to ensure you see him, the person, before anything. In one of the film’s candid moments, Jaimen discusses being sensitive to ensuring his wife is never seen as merely his carer; having employed people to support him in his day-to-day.

With all that alone, From Sky to Sea could be seen as inspirational enough. Still, the film digs deeper into Jaimen’s desire to combine his passions of old with his current obsession. What the photographer would really like to do is film his beloved whales while underwater. From here, the documentary turns into a nautical Rocky as Jaimen has train himself to readapt to being underwater again. And let’s not forget about the logistics of positioning safely on a boat.

Filmmakers Leighton and Jodie De Barros capture every moment, on hand for emotional moments in Jaimen’s life, such as the birth of his first child and some medical advice that could burst his dream altogether.

Many will already know Jaimen’s name through his work and will have no idea about the man behind the lens. For them and anyone else interested in photography, this is a chance to see an artist stretch himself to achieve his goal.

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