November 25, 2019

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… passionately told, using emotion and unchallenged-rhetoric to inspire reform.


Hagan Osborne
Year: 2019
Rating: M
Director: Tyler Chandler

Adrianne, Tyler Chandler, Nicholas Meyers, Rick Doblin, Dr Gabor Maté, Paul Stamets

Distributor: Antidote (Australia/New Zealand)
Released: Out Now
Running Time: 84 minutes
Worth: $15.00

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… passionately told, using emotion and unchallenged-rhetoric to inspire reform.

Well aware of the irony at the centre of this exploration on whether psychedelic drugs can cure drug addiction, director Tyler Chandler takes aim at conventional rehabilitation with his profoundly personal and engrossing Canadian documentary, Dosed.

Following the rehabilitation efforts of Adrianne, a young woman and friend of Chandler’s who is addicted to heroin and methadone, Dosed spares no punches in its scathing assessment of a ‘big-pharma’ medical system that profits handsomely from addiction.

A self-described ‘garbage can’ addict, Adrianne’s struggle with addiction becomes emblematic of an inadequate health-care system that looks to treat drug abuse as opposed to the underlying cause. The film acknowledges that the prickly shrub will continue to grow back should the root not be pulled out, with Adrianne reaching her wits’ end and refusing to rely on the same ineffective, and costly, conventional treatments in her journey to sobriety.

As blindingly determined to find a fix as she is motivated to free herself from the cold grip of addiction, Adrianne’s adoption of ‘new-age’ and ‘spiritual’ remedies signify the dark depths of her illness. “At the end of the day you have not lived addiction,” Adrianne tearfully states in one of her many exchanges with the filmmakers, speaking to the lack of public education on addiction.

Chandler is clever with his application of striking Canadian visuals, depicting how deep into the bloodstream of society that addiction flows. Adrianne, an unassuming Canadian woman, the last person in a line-up you’d suspect to have a drug addiction, evokes self-reflection by the viewer asking whether they, without realising, know someone suffering from addiction.

The film quotes statistics and uses the plight of Adrianne’s loved ones to craft an argument based on passion. Dosed is a film that remains proudly one-sided in its passionate attempt to enforce the adoption of psychedelic drugs, including magic mushrooms and iboga, in the rehabilitation process. The absence of a counter-argument, and allowance of advocates for psychedelic treatments to go unchallenged, act as the film’s impassioned declaration that solving the drug epidemic is past the point of reasoned discussion.

Chandler’s determination to help his friend escape addiction is passionately told, using emotion and unchallenged-rhetoric to inspire reform.

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