The Punisher’s Legacy Ends!

April 2, 2019
Eminem is furious! And for good reasons! Netflix cancelled The Punisher and left the rapper in total dismay. He unleashed a big Tweet, all in caps saying, “YOU ARE BLOWING IT.”

Well, not only Eminem is angry at this decision. Fans of Jessica Jones and The Punisher are hating the fact that their favourite show will no longer be seen on screens!

We got the feeling that it was coming for some time now. Initially, Netflix seemed to be after all Marvel series on its platform. Then they cancelled Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil. Now, they axed The Punisher shortly after airing its second season. The trend was followed by Jessica Jones! Two months of cancelling Marvel TV Shows finally ended with these two!

Jessica Jones season three just completed filming and the remaining episodes will be aired later in the year. That would be the last instalments. The creator of the show, Melissa Rosenberg announced months ago that she was leaving the crew. Of course, that already gave the hint that the end was near.

The Punisher’s second season was dropped last month. The lead actor of the series, Jon Bernthal, does not seem bothered. He has already sighed up for a prequel of The Sopranos. The end of The Punisher was bound to happen!

Plus, the series did not keep up to the standards set of the first series into the second. Compared to the first, season 2 of The Punisher was a flop. Fans want to know what happened! Why did Netflix cancel such popular shows! Well, there are two possible reasons for that;

Disney is regarded as one of the biggest competitors of Netflix. The competition rose with the Disney+ service. Maybe Netflix wanted to make things clear that they don’t want to share the audience and cancelled the shows.

Another reason could be that Netflix did not fully own those shows. They were paying to make and promote them, making it a less profitable business compared to Netflix Originals. To control the costs and manage profits, they preferred to end business with shows that they did not own.

Netflix has been diplomatic about all this. Here’s a statement to Deadline about the cancellation of the Marvel Shows;

“We are grateful to Marvel for Five Years of our fruitful partnership and thank the passionate fans who have followed these series from the beginning.”

Now, the fate of all these shows is unclear. Will Disney+ relaunch them on their platform? Will there be a show combining all the Marvel shows? Well, only time will tell.

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