14-year-old Melbourne-based dancer and actor, Jada-Lee Henry, nailed a last-minute audition to win the lead role in Netflix’s new series, Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance, streaming exclusively on Netflix globally from September 16.

The series follows directly on from the Australian produced films A Second Chance and A Second Chance: Rivals, all licensed to Netflix internationally.

Australian-produced, Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance is a 10-episode children’s and family series from creators Clay Glen (A Second Chance: Rivals!, Going for Gold, Raising the Bar) and Vanessa Shapiro (El Presidente, This Little Love of Mine). Starring Emily Morris (Boys in the Trees, A Second Chance, A Second Chance: Rivals!), Stella Shute (Awoken, A Second Chance: Rivals!) and Jada-Lee Henry.

Gymnastics, now recognised as one of the top three most participated sports in Australia, its popularity surging here and overseas with an estimated 30 million participants worldwide. The Netflix release coincides with National Gymnastics Day, celebrated internationally on September 17th.

Jada-Lee Henry said: “I only had a few hours to prepare with the audition scripts which required an American accent. It was so scary auditioning with the accent, but to get the role I’m so excited! I still can’t believe it!” she said.

Director and producer Clay Glen said, “we were about to cast an American teenager after a long and wide-ranging casting process throughout the USA but then Jada-Lee’s audition came in and we were blown away by how good she was, her accent and her dance ability”.

The series, predominantly filmed in Adelaide, brought in 6 million dollars into the Australian economy and provided employment for over 200 cast and crew in various roles.

Kyra Berry, a 14-year-old USA gymnast arrives in Australia to try and win a scholarship at an elite Gymnastics Academy. It’s a second chance but also her last.