Paul Wiegard, CEO and Co-Founder of leading independent distribution and rights management company Madman Entertainment, and Jack Condon, an Evangelist at Epic Games with a passion for programming and integration of physical and virtual environments.

The 2023 GENR8 program has been curated to appeal to inquisitive minds, with six sessions and numerous respected industry experts exploring current trends and hot topics in the screen sector.

Paul Wiegard will join The Next Gen: Producers Cutting Through with Curiosity, a session that will investigate how a selection of rising stars of the Victorian screen sector embrace change, take advantage of opportunities in disguise, and overcome challenges they face when trying to tell bold stories in unique ways.

Paul joins this session as a moderator and as one of Australia’s most highly regarded screen sector professionals, who co-founded a successful company off the back of foresight and intuition. He will steer the conversation and share his experiences with producers who are similarly forward-thinking and embrace emerging trends.

Paul celebrated Madman Entertainment’s 25th year of operating in 2021 and has a unique understanding of the potential of niche markets. He also executive produced 20+ feature and documentary films, established DocPlay, a dedicated documentary streaming video-on-demand platform, and currently holds multiple high-ranking positions on screen industry boards and advisory groups.

Additionally, Jack Condon will join The Exponential Growth of Virtual Production, a deep dive into virtual production, analysing its potential for tv and film producers as the infrastructure behind it develops, bringing down costs and opening up new opportunities for storytelling and Australian screen practitioners.

Jack is known as one of Australia’s foremost authorities on Unreal Engine, which is at the forefront of virtual production. With over a decade of experience with virtual production technologies in the live event and installation space, Jack has a passion for programming and integration of physical and virtual environments.

Attendees will hear first-hand from Jack on his current focus which is virtual production technologies and workflows, and four other experts covering all areas of Virtual Production from 2D, 3D, animation, live action, employment pathways and the software behind it all – Unreal Engine.

GENR8 is sure to generate new relationships, original ideas and fresh thinking that will provide a competitive advantage in bringing projects and productions to life.