Street art around Perth, features 7 artists, one subject that is looked at is graffiti just because some artwork has been done illegally should it be considered art or not?

We also explore the legal pathways for young people and look at what local council programs are available.

The documentary will run for 20 minutes and in between each screening, 20 minutes has been allocated for guests to leave and for guests for the next screening to arrive. You’ll be asked to be seated 5 minutes before the designated screening time.

Film running schedule

Session #1
5:00pm Doors open
5:20pm Screening begins
5:40 Screening ends

Session #2
5:50pm Doors open
6:10pm Screening begins
6:30 Screening ends

Session #3
6:40pm Doors open
7:00pm Screening begins
7:20pm Screening ends

Free kerbside parking is available on streets very close to the venue.

* The Film is suited to all ages just note some low-level language is used.*


Thursday 27 October 2022 (UTC+08)


The Backlot Perth
21 Simpson St, West Perth Western Australia 6005