Independent artists, filmmakers, podcast producers and musicians will now be able to sell exclusive NFTs of their work on the new Paus NFT platform, a curated marketplace dedicated to supporting creators in the monetisation of their work. This new platform gives buyers a chance to own unique pieces of content and gives creators the ability to lock exclusive material to token holders only.

From signed posters and limited edition copies through to owning a full film or piece of music, Paus NFTs include an array of new opportunities and collectables, so fans can own a piece of the artwork that they love. Focusing on utility, owning a film or TV series NFT on Paus isn’t about having the work sit on the buyers hard drive or profile picture. Instead, Paus will be offering buyers the chance to host their own screening or listening party of their NFT, and are also looking to work with brands and venues that give NFT holders special VIP access and discounts. The Paus NFT platform also includes a ‘Vault’, a feature for gated content and a place for buyers to keep their NFTs, all secured and connected via their digital wallets.

For the artists, partnering with Paus NFT will mean they receive dedicated support in minting their projects, with no limits on creativity. “Paus NFTs provides a new model for distribution and monetisation that cinema and other creative industries have never seen before,” said Rishi Kapoor, CEO of Paus. “We are dedicated to providing creators with a place where they share their work with people who truly love it. You, as an artist, have control – the way it should be.”

So far, Paus has worked with three-time Oscar nominee Wim Wenders on an NFT project for short film Little Hands, giving bidders the chance to attend a live Q&A with the team behind the project, and have also partnered with influential photographer and artist, Roger Ballen, to create NFTs of his animated film Roger the Rat, which has already generated roughly $60,000 in NFT sales.

Paus’ current partnerships also include 2022 BAFTA-nominated company, Jones, who are selling minted copies of their short film Three Meetings of the Extraordinary Committee with an exclusive alternative ending, and Dan Thorburn’s BFI-funded film Salt Water Town, starring Tom Glynn-Carney (Dunkirk, The King) and Owen Teale (Game of Thrones, Line of Duty). As well as NFT copies of the film, the director auctioned masterclass sessions on scriptwriting and a day on set with him in his next project.

Paus is an independent film streaming start-up founded by Kapoor, a former media professional at Sony Pictures, Universal Studios and Warner Bros. The company offers up-and-coming filmmakers and creators the ability to connect directly to their fan base and to be financially rewarded via micropayments, ticketed live events and NFTs. Unlike other platforms, the scales are weighed in the creator’s favour as they keep up to 80% of their revenue.

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About Paus
Paus is a streaming platform where independent films can thrive. Once films are live on the Paus app, audiences and supporters from around the world can show their appreciation and reward filmmakers through micropayments, ticketed live events and NFTs. Best of all, the filmmaker keeps up to 80% of all their revenue.