Following the antics of two amateur detectives from an alien planet who have come to Earth to investigate the human race, the show takes the form of a comedic investigation, with each episode focusing on a different aspect of human behaviour or biology.

The two aliens, Major Letdown and Private Groupchat, must answer questions such as Why do humans have pets? Why do humans grow to different sizes? and Why don’t humans run on batteries?

Major Letdown, played by Ashlee Lollback (SMASHHDOWN: Search for the GOAT) and Private Groupchat, played by Arnijka Larcombe-Weate (The Bureau of Magical Things and Boy Swallows Universe), crash-landed on Earth with a mission to understand humanity and report their findings to General Ignorance, played by Michael Balk (SMASHHDOWN: Search for the GOAT and Dirtgirlworld).

The series, written, filmed and produced at 9Network’s Mt Coot-Tha studios in Queensland, consists of 50 fact-filled educational episodes.

Geoff Cooper, Executive Producer and Programming Manager at Nine Queensland, said: “This is the funniest program I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in, showcasing the comedic talents Queensland has to offer. The original concept conceived by Dominic Morris has been honed by the fabulous team we’ve put together, each person bringing something to the table that breaks new ground in factual children’s content.

Earth Science Investigators (of Earth) adds to the growing stable of programming from Nine Queensland over the past decade.”

Dominic Morris, Writer and Series Producer, said: “At its heart, it’s a buddy-comedy that plays on the tropes of the sci-fi and whodunit genres in a cheeky way that’s fun for both kids and parents.

“The show reaches beyond what’s expected of factual content. It’s a compelling and unique comedic story that leads our audience to discovery.”

The first episode launches into the body’s digestive system, literally, complete with all the gross-out humour you’d expect, to answer: Why do humans eat?

From discovering what happens inside our bodies when we’re hungry, to how produce is actually grown and even a “live cross” into the digestive system to discover where consumed food goes, the episode ensures no stone is left unturned in answering important scientific questions.

Earth Science Investigators (of Earth) will go to air weekdays at 7.30am on 9Go! until early September.