With an all-star cast, new short-form dark comedy Plausible Deniability sees three kids face off against high-profile Australians as part of a homelessness documentary they’re making at school, showing what happens when self-interest collides with a cause.

Starring Keegan Joyce, Darren Gilshenan, Emily Taheny, Jane Allsop, Zenya Carmellotti, Toby Derrick, Hannah Fredericksen, Amir Rahimzadeh, Milo Hartill and David James, and introducing newcomers Naomi EjiguLennox Lee and Mae White, Plausible Deniability will be free to watch online, nationally, from November 20.

Each episode we see the 11yr olds interview a leader from a different field – a disgraced footballer (Derrick) and his club president (Allsop), a cashed-up Archbishop (Gilshenan) and his media manger (Fredericksen), an influencer with a new side hustle (Taheny), a pair of millennial social entrepreneurs (Carmellotti and Hartill), a cancelled popstar (Joyce) and an embattled politician (James). People with the means to make a difference, but often not the will.

Armed with a ‘bullshit button’, one by one, the kids take fire at these rampant self-promoters. Hidden agendas are exposed and hollow platitudes are batted aside as our three young social warriors tackle our national disgrace head-on.

There’s a lot for us to get behind. As with the issue at hand.

With an all-female directing team of Victoria Thaine and Grace Feng Fang JuanPlausible Deniability is the new 7 x 10 minute series from writer/producer Iain Crittenden and is Executive Produced by Benjamin Law and Catherine Hill.

Crittenden said, the “The kids are smart, funny and tough, with equal parts natural curiosity and brutal honesty. It cuts through the spin and makes for some really funny exchanges between these self-proclaimed ‘though leaders’ and three kids who just want some honest answers.” 

Screen Australia Head of Online and Games Lee Naimo said, “Plausible Deniability is a thought-provoking and insightful series from the incredibly talented Iain Crittenden and team. The three leads are the social warriors that we didn’t know we needed in all our lives. A fantastic cast and brilliant writing make this a must-see series that we are proud to have supported”.

Plausible Deniability marks writer/producer Iain Crittenden’s first scripted series since co- producing last year’s It’s Fine, I’m Fine with Stef Smith and Photoplay Films.

Plausible Deniability is being produced by Random Pictures with principal production funding from Screen Australia.

The series will be released online HERE from November 20.