Films can change the world and tackle the biggest issues of our time. Join triple Emmy Award-winning producer Jackie Turnure on how to leverage partnerships with your impact campaign. Jackie will work with teams and filmmakers to develop and implement effective impact campaigns that will maximise the power of your film to ignite progressive change.

“The dynamic nature of impact work means it’s ideally positioned to respond to this bloody tough market” said Turnure (Sweet Country, Stateless). Jackie Turnure

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Jackie is a highly respected impact producer and digital strategist who will be sharing her experience in a “hands-on” format. Teams will benefit from a structured curriculum to develop their own impact campaign strategy. Each session comes with dedicated project feedback. Participants will be expanding their level of knowledge across all of the projects in the room.

“Jackie is a creative force with an outstanding understanding of storytelling, the digital landscape, social media and creating campaigns that encompass all aspects of digital marketing” Stella Ferguson, Thinkjam

This course aims to enable project teams to work alongside Jackie to design their film or television series or documentary impact strategy. Delivered over six weeks, starting 11th June each 3 hr session will walk teams through the creation of their own impact strategy and includes weekly assignments. The last session each team will have 20 mins to present and get feedback from a panel of industry experts who will give feedback on the proposals.

Liz Thompson, CEO of Sharing Stories Foundation “Jackie has worked with us as a digital strategist helping SharingStories Foundation put together a comprehensive communications plan and strategy for impact across the release and launches of a wide range of outcomes with attendantly varied objectives. She brings fabulous creative insight and excellent strategic thinking to her work but also thinks brilliantly outside the box. Jackie is dedicated, committed, passionate and gives 110% to everything she has done for and with us. I can’t recommend her highly enough, you’re lucky if you get to have her on your team!”

A film’s relationship with its audience often begins as early as when the film goes into production, where planning and implementing an impact strategy runs parallel to the journey of a film. Join us for a timely Masterclass on the increasingly important world of “Impact Producing”—what it is, why it’s important to budget for it, and what makes a good impact producer. Learn how you can incorporate and measure social impact across various stages of your film’s journey, from development to exhibition.

Pat Fiske, Producer of Rosemary’s Way, “Jackie Turnure is a very professional impact and outreach producer. She is great to work with, has abounding enthusiasm and many, many ideas for finding partners for every project she takes on and specialist ones in particular.”

The truth is, different film teams have different goals, different change strategies and therefore need different expertise. Figuring out your impact strategy and being self-aware about how each team member processes and contributes is very helpful in understanding your team’s dynamics.

Jackie will ensure you design your project to be seen by the right audience at the right time. She is experienced in myriad of distribution options available and converting early interest into long term audience appeal.

“Jackie’s extensive digital strategy experience blended with impact producing skills – and the creativity, personality and expertise to do both so incredibly well means she is a rare talent, I want her on every project I do. I was lucky enough to have Jackie on board the feature documentary Ghosthunter from 2015-2021 as impact producer and digital strategist. I can not stress enough the passion and drive Jackie has for her work, she brings a wealth of tried and tested knowledge to every strategy she creates, she will never take the “easy route” she will be constantly pushing for better results and more engagement, experimenting and pivoting and taking you along for the ride. Jackie designed and ran a 3 year social impact campaign around the impacts of childhood trauma – her compassion, sensitivity, ability to work with victims of trauma, organisations and donors while maintaining open communication lines with the producers was absolutely brilliant. If you can work with her/learn from her, do.” Rebecca Bennett, Producer of GHOSTHUNTER

This masterclass will work with you on how to partners to use the film to enhance their programs, extend their reach, and move their missions forward. How she identifies partners’ needs, working with them to select great media, and put it to work through screening tours, trainings, policy briefings, and in other strategic settings.

“Jackie is an outstanding talent with creative skills spanning film and television and the cutting edge of new media. She is passionate and hard working and manages to maintain her great sense of humour even under the most extreme pressure.” Peter Giles, AFTRS

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