Offered twice a year, the Carclew Project and Development grants provide an invaluable springboard for emerging creatives in South Australia.

Supporting a diverse range of art projects, including film, music, dance and live performance, visual and digital arts, this competitive program showcases the best of South Australia’s emerging artists and contributes to the growth of the States arts and cultural sector.

Through the Carclew Project and Development Grant these selected young South Australian artists will have the opportunity to bring their artistic vision to life:

Receiving a $10,000 grant is filmmaker Luca Sardelis [pictured], whose 12 Minute short film The Night Bus is a coming of age, a romantic drama that takes audiences on an ethereal ride through a young woman’s subconscious. As the Adelaide film industry rises from its pandemic ashes this project offers experience and industry connections to 25 emerging cast and crew and a first-time director with writing and directing mentorship.

“I was encouraged to enter this project and development funding round by my dear friend, mentor and 2021 Carclew Sharehouse resident, Maddie Grammatopoulos,” said Sardelis. “With the immense support from Carclew and some of Adelaide’s finest young filmmakers, I am able to try stepping behind the camera to write and direct my first short film.”

Receiving $9,876 is author Kienan McKay, who is writing a young adult fiction novel that explores a dark future where inefficient people are recycled to spare resources inside a shelter.

Mckay says the P + D Grant opens up so many opportunities for him that he otherwise wouldn’t have.

“Through the Carclew Project and Development Grant, I’ve been given support to edit the manuscript of my new novel, plus work alongside a mentor to help polish that manuscript to a high standard.

As an emerging author this is an enormous privilege, especially when there are so many talented young artists in South Australia. It’s my hope to see the novel published and make our local community proud.”

Actor and playwright Aaron Beattie has been awarded $10,000 to create an experimental theatre piece After All this that will be part of Rumpus Theatre’s 2022 main season at RUMPUS and is a reworking of the original work by Elbow Room.

Visual artist Grace Lam has been awarded $3,000 for a Visual Artist Mentorship with acclaimed artist Tatiana Georgieva. Grace is a self-taught artist who has Down Syndrome, visual and hearing impairments, and has developed and established her own visual art style with joyous vibrant colours.

Lam says “’I am very grateful and honoured to be selected as one of the Carclew grant recipients.

This grant will allow me to breakdown some the barriers that limits my options to improve my art skills, something I have longed to do.

Having significant visual and hearing impairment and Down Syndrome makes it very hard for me to join a standard course. The Carclew grant enables me to have experienced visual artist, Tatiana Georgieva, as my mentor, so that I can explore more possibilities and improve my skills!’

Carclew’s Coordinator of Funding Programs, Joel Byrne pointed to the aptitude of creative artists in South Australia.

With each funding round we’re continually astounded and impressed with the high calibre of talent and creativity that is present throughout all applications and this round was no exception. Once again, we’re honoured to play a part in the career development of some of South Australia’s best emerging artists.


Samuel Hall | Dance | Womb’-final Development and Premiere Season| $8,402.20

SA Choreographer Sam Hall will use the funding to develop and perfect the dance piece ‘Womb’ which be shown at LAB in October.

Luca Sardelis| Film | The Night Bus| $10,000

Funding towards the creative development of the coming-of-age short film ‘The Night Bus’.

Kienan Mckay | Literature | Cocoon | $9,876.00

Kienan will embark on sending a polished manuscript to a publishing house for his young adult fiction novel Cocoon.

Shaye Duong | Theatre | Studio Residency | $3,533.00

Shane will develop a new piece of work at their studio residency at ACE Open in 2022.

Alexander Salkicevic| Film | The Shifting Eyes | $7,989.00

Funding to develop a short horror film that uncovers the everyday terrors of corporate ladder hierarchy and the dreads of networking.

Thea Lucia Martin| Music| A Room of Her Own Workshops, When We Speak

Thea will host a series of collaborative composition workshops that invite young people to create original music in a participatory dialogic environment.

Grace Lam| Visual Art | Visual Art Mentorship with Tatiana Georgieva | $3,000

Grace, a self-taught artist who also has Down Syndrome, Visual impairment, and Hearing impairment will undertake a visual Art Mentorship to further her craft.

Lucy Zola| Music| Recording and Release | $3,000,000

Lucy will record three songs to be released on their yet to be titled EP.

Dora Abraham| Theatre | Coldhands| $10,000

Funding will go to the development of Dora’s first play as a writer, which will feature in RUMPUS’ 2022 Season.

Arran Beattie| Theatre | After All This| $10,000

After All, this is an ensemble-based piece of experiential theatre. A cast of 10 will devise a re-imagining of the original work by Elbow Room. It will be part of RUMPUS Theatre’s 2022 Season. The grant will fund the Workshop stage of the project.

Isobel Stolinski| Dance | Professional Development Project in Europe 2022 | $2,627.00

Isobel’s project focuses on training workshops and festivals to enrich her existing movement vocabulary and refine her practice as an emerging artist.

For more information on the grant recipients and Carclew Projects and Development Grant: Program/project-grants