by FilmInk Staff

MORE than 70 talented designers and design associates have been nominated for the 2024 APDG Awards, competing for awards in 20 categories for outstanding designers in feature film, television, live performance and events.

The TV Productions Boy Swallows Universe and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart have dominated the 2024 APDG Awards for screen.

Nominees for The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart are Melinda Doring for Production Design TV, Ian Gracie APDG (Supervising Art Director), Anthea Hodge and Mandi Bialek-Webster for Art Direction TV, Paul Sarpi for Set Decoration TV, Bowen Ellames for Concept Art, Bowen Ellames and Gabrielle Rowe for Graphic Design and Joanna M Park for Costume TV.

Nominees for Boy Swallows Universe are Michelle McGahey APDG for Production Design TV, Tanika Rainbow Pratt and Stuart Parkyn for Art Direction TV, Ana Carolina Navarrete for Graphic Design, Kerry Thompson for Costume TV and Angela Conte for Hair and make-up.

In the production design for a feature film category, nominees include Nathan Jurevicius for Scarygirl, Amy Baker for The New Boy, Matt Putland APDG for The Portable Door and Leah Popple for The Royal Hotel.

In the production design for a television production category, nominees include Pete Baxter for The Clearing and Matt Putland APDG for The Artful Dodger. In the Art Direction for TV category, nominees also include Callum Webster for The Last of Us (Episode 5) and Daniel Willis for The New Boy.

In the Set Decoration for a Feature Film or Television Production category, nominees include Lauren Richards for Expats, Michael Leon for The New Boy and Justine Dunn for The Portable Door.

Costume design for a feature film, nominees are Steph Hooke for Late Night With The Devil, Andrew Cox for Love is in the Air, Zohie Castellano for Shayda and Ellen Stanistreet for The Rooster.

Costume design for a television production, nominees include Gypsy Taylor for Our Flag Means Death and Erin Roche for The Clearing.

In the make-up, prosthetic make-up or hair design category, the nominees include Rose Saffioti for House Of Gods, Rebecca Buratto, Paul Katte and Nick Nicolaou for Talk to Me and Lynne O’Brien for The Artful Dodger.

Concept artist nominees also include Adam Wheatley for Our Flag Means Death (Season 2) and Daniel J Burns for Star Trek Strange New Worlds (Season 2). Graphic design nominees also include Jess Tran for Deadloch and Jacqui Schofield for The Artful Dodger.

In the design for a commercial category, the nominees are Damien Drew APDG for EBAY – Everyone has a Thing, Virginia Mesiti for The Generation Gap, Gypsy Taylor for The Kid Laroi X McDonalds Australia – The McCrispy and Charles Davis for The Public Diagnosis.

In the production or costume design for a short film, music video or web series category the nominees are Ara Nuri Steel and Courtney Westbrook for Luna and the Brain Tuna, Joseph Tiernan for My Heart Calls For You, Esther Rosenberg for Pineapple and Liv Hutley for Threads.

The emerging design categories are consistently popular, as they give emerging designers an opportunity to share their work with the broader design community and screen industry. This year’s emerging design screen nominees are Sheree Tam for Set Menu, Caley Miles for The Big Dog, Lufan Shi for The Method and Roberto Manzini for Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.

APDG President Michael Scott-Mitchell said peer acknowledgement and support were profoundly important to members of the guild and a vital component in building a national design community.

“We look forward to gathering together in Brisbane to celebrate the extraordinary design work of our nominees,” he said. “The width and breadth of our talented designers is truly remarkable.”

The Australian Production Design Guild (APDG) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to representing designers and their associates in screen, live performance, events, and digital production across Australia. The APDG is committed to recognizing and nurturing excellence in design through awards, mentoring, and accreditation.

To see a full list of nominees, visit HERE. Winners will be announced at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane on Saturday, August 24. Tickets to the event can be purchased HERE. To find out more visit