Protesters Disrupt AACTA Red Carpet

December 8, 2016
WIFT calls for an end to the Australian film industry's sausage party.

15 women dressed as sausages stormed the red carpet at last night’s AACTA Awards to draw attention to gender disparity in Australia’s film industry.

Chanting “End the sausage party!”, the women are part of an organisation called Women in Film and Television (WIFT). Founded in 1982, WIFT represents women’s issues in the the screen world, and aims to achieve gender balance in the Australian industry.

According to their website, “A 2021 target has been set by the new Committee in which to progress the aims and objectives of the organisation (and thus women in the industry) to the point where WIFT can graciously and thankfully self-destruct! Effective advocacy demands swift and decisive action and we are committed to creating partnerships and common goals with all sectors and service providers in the screen industry.”

In a separate statement regarding the protest, WIFT derided the notion of awards jury quotas when content created by women was lacking. “Of twenty-eight narrative feature films pre-selected for AACTAs Screening Tour, just two were directed by women, nullifying a call for quotas in award juries when female content cannot reach the public voting platform in the first instance.”

Gender issues have been at forefront of the screen culture conversation this year, with Screen Australia inaugurating their Gender Matters: Brilliant Stories and Brilliant Careers initiatives in an attempt to address the imbalance.

WIFT have been contacted for comment.


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