News of the World, a Twilight Western Tailor-Made for Tom Hanks

February 16, 2021
Last year, 2020, was a unique year in our history. The coronavirus pandemic firmly shut down schools, gambling establishments, stores, manufacturing facilities, cinemas, ruined movie theaters, and disrupted a huge number of high-profile movie premieres.

But it also provided good prospects – a new technology, everyone began to master the Internet space because online platforms, casinos like PlayAmo, etc. began to appear. It is worth noting that at the moment the situation is much better, so many projects are returning and new ones are appearing.

In this old-fashioned road-trip in the heart of secessionist America, the American actor forms a moving duet with the young German actress Helena Zengel, in the running for the Golden Globes and possibly the Oscars. Available on Netflix on February 10, News of the World (Paul Greengrass) also participates in the salvific renewal of a somewhat moribund genre, the western.

Journey to the End of Hell

Adapted from the novel by Paulette Jiles released in 2016. News of the World stars Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a Civil War veteran who has a touching job as seen today: traveling the country from city to city to read newspapers to the population. During his journey, he meets a young girl who was abducted at a very young age by Kiowa Indians, and who therefore knows only their language and customs. The character played by Tom Hanks is the only one who can bring her back to her family, which he ends up accepting, even though he knows that the journey will be strewn with many dangers. For to reach their destination, our duo must cross a whole part of Texas, a Confederate state where a large part of the population does not accept the defeat of the South in the Civil War five years earlier, and where Indians are rarely welcome, as “world news” – assimilated to the victorious northern states – and black people who are not slaves.

Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass Together Again and on a Mission for the Oscars?

The first time the American actor and the British director worked together was in 2013 for the thriller Captain Phillips, and it was a success from every point of view: a big box office hit and six Oscar nominations. If they can’t re-release the performance in theaters – pandemic obliges – the duo can at least hope that News of the World will receive the same honors at this year’s Oscars ceremony. If Tom Hanks has just been snubbed for the Golden Globes for Best Actor, the revelation Helena Zengel is well and truly present (at only 12 years old) in the nominations for Best Supporting Actress. The public had already discovered her last year in the German drama BENNI (Nora Fingscheidt), where she played a violent little girl in need of mother love and entrusted to social services.


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