New Green Room App Connects Filmmakers

June 15, 2017
Indie filmos can now come together in the digital space.

The Green Room, a new networking app designed to help film practitioners connect with each other and crew their projects, is now live on the Google Play and iTunes stores.

The work of Australian indie filmmaker Kosta Nikas and app creator Peter Lord, The Green Room aims to be a game changer for anybody involved in the production of audio-visual content across all industries.

According to the press release, “The Green Room allows users to add as much information as they feel necessary to connect them with the right people and projects. They can add their: Personal Details, Availability, Education, Work Experience, Bio, Show Reel, Skills, Equipment, Location, Projects, Awards, IMDb link and more.

The Green Room also allows users to create a profile regardless of the type of project, format and genre and its production status. Project creators can search for the right crew matching their criteria simply by posting a job/crew role and adding all the preferences they wish.”

Essentially, the app functions as a kind of screen-industry-specific LinkedIn/hiring hall, allowing screen professionals to promote their skill sets and experience, and creators and producers to headhunt skilled crew members from a large pool of potential candidates.

“I’ve been in the arts for more than 20 years so I am familiar with the difficulties of getting a project off the ground, that’s why I am excited that The Green Room will address a number of the challenges that filmmakers and other creatives face. In time, we hope to address the funding issue as well,” said Nikas. “Our iPhone version went online a few weeks ago and the Android version just became available. Although it is early days, we are very encouraged by the fact that we already have members in over 25 countries including the USA! So we are constantly improving it and developing new features.”

“Our mission is to ensure that in this networking space our American and international filmmaking colleagues, cast, crew and creatives around the world are equipped with all the necessary tools and features that will help them create and crew projects in a timely and efficient manner, build their network, find jobs and advance their careers, no matter where they live or travel to!” said Lord.

People already in the industry have also chimed in: “It’s a great networking tool for our indie filmmakers. The more resources and support we provide them, the more we stimulate growth and employment in our sector,’’ says Adam Scott, from Spectrum Films (Alien, Lion, Hacksaw Ridge) Fox Studios Australia.

For more info, hit up the official site.

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