New Australian sci-fi, Space/Time, launches teaser trailer

November 4, 2016
Produced under the radar in Brisbane, the ambitious feature film launches teaser in the lead up to its 2017 release.

Of late, Queensland has been used to reproduce Asgard, the Caribbean and Skull Island, well now, a host of local filmmakers, including Writer/Director/Producer Michael O’Halloran (below, right), Writer/Producer Adam Harmer (below, left) and Producer Jai Hogg (below, centre), have done something original and homegrown with the highly ambitious time travel sci-fi story, Space/Time.


The film launched its teaser trailer last night, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, check it out for yourself below.

As befitting a teaser, not much of the plot is given away, though the Spielbergian music and themes are plainly evident.

The filmmakers are yet to bring on a distributor, preferring to create demand through building an audience first. To that end, they have produced video diaries of the production process, and will be making appearances at Supanova Pop Culture Expo in the coming weeks.

For more on Space/Time, head to the website and read our interview with Michael O’Halloran.



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