Movie of the Month: Operation Mincemeat

May 6, 2022
In cinemas May 12, 2022

Set in 1943, the film follows two brilliant intelligence officers, Ewen Montagu (Colin Firth) and Charles Cholmondeley (Matthew Macfadyen) who conceived a plan that was dubbed Operation Mincemeat. They would trick the Nazis into thinking that Allied forces were planning to attack southern Europe by way of Greece rather than Sicily. Their plan was to get a corpse, equip it with misleading papers, then drop it off the coast of Spain where Nazi spies would take the bait.

From director John Madden (Shakespeare in Love, The Debt) and also starring Kelly Macdonald, Penelope Wilton, Johnny Flynn (as Ian Fleming!!), Mark Gatiss and Jason Isaacs, this extraordinary true story “… a thrilling and dryly humourous spy drama …” according to FilmInk’s own review.

In May, each member of ClubInk (our own movie club, details here) receives an in-season double pass to OPERATION MINCEMEAT.


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