All of Liquid Television is Now Available Online!

November 29, 2017
The '90s were a weird time, kids.

For its brief three year run, avant garde animation showcase Liquid Television was an absolute cultural institution. Commissioned by MTV but airing here on SBS on Saturday nights, it was a concentrated dose of weirdness, combining short skits and the odd – very odd – ongoing series to present a kind of cutting edge cultural melange. A whole generation soaked a little Liquid TV along with the intoxicants of their choice before heading out for the evening – it was, to paraphrase Mojo Nixon, a glorious time on the planet Earth.

And now it’s back! have got all three seasons online for research and educational purposes – 27 episodes of surreality. Some of Liquid Television‘s more popular segments went on the greater acclaim – cyberpunk action series Aeon Flux first saw the light of day here, as did Beavis and Butthead, but there’s a whole bunch of deeper cuts worth your time, such as pastel-toned satire Dog-Boy and and the bizarre biker/doll action series, Winter Steele.

These shows are pretty difficult to find right now – the music licensing alone has kept Liquid Television off home release for decades, so be sure to take the time to enjoy this barrage of retro weirdness, before some spoilsport whacks ’em with a takedown notice.

Of course, if it’s the 2013 revival you’re after:



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