Life lessons we can learn from James Bond

March 29, 2021
Women want him, men want to be him. We’ve all heard the tagline, and it might sound a little passé by 2021 standards, but let’s face it, James Bond has been doing his thing on the big screen for more than half a century now. As Carly Simon reliably informed us, nobody does it better, so let’s see what life lessons we can pick up from the secret agent who is surely the world’s worst kept secret.  

Looks do matter 

Whoever said otherwise has clearly never had to fit in at a black tie event after arriving at the venue in a wetsuit. But even aside from that most famous of scenes, Bond will usually only remove his suit, shirt and tie for one reason. During the Pierce Brosnan years, when dressing down at the office became the latest trend, a more casual Bond briefly showed his face, not to mention his loafers. But when Daniel Craig took over, the sharp suits were back, and so was Bond’s inherent cool and credibility.  


It’s OK to take a calculated risk 

Some of Bond’s most memorable scenes have been at the casino. When we are first introduced to him in the opening scene of Dr No, he is playing Chemin-de-fer, a variation of baccarat, and of course, the main denouement in Casino Royale revolves around a game of poker. Today, we can follow in Bond’s footsteps by playing live casino games like these without even leaving our homes. Whatever the game, Bond goes into it knowing the risks and clear about his strategy. And perhaps most important of all, he never appears to be anything less than 100 percent confident. 

Sometimes it’s best to hide in plain sight 

Whenever Bond has gone undercover, he’s always looked like a secret agent trying not to look like a secret agent. We think that’s quite intentional, and down to clever scriptwriting and direction, as it’s a pattern you see time and again, regardless of the actor playing Bond. Some might say the life lesson here is to “be yourself” but where Bond is concerned, it is more about hiding in plain sight. Many criticised that scene in Skyfall where Bond needed to get quietly from London to Scotland while keeping a low profile – and so drove there flat out in a classic 50-year-old Aston Martin. But we think it was the perfect camouflage.  

We all need a little down time 

Single handedly saving the free world from billionaire megalomaniacs isn’t a job to be taken lightly. But even 007 knows that all work and no play can dull the wits. As well as those casino games, Bond can always find the time – and the company – for a little R and R. Of course, most of us have to settle for something a little more mundane than attempting re-entry from outer space. But there is no harm in looking up at the stars and dreaming. Perhaps that is the biggest life lesson of them all.   


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