By James Mottram

“Ah, I have not gotten the opportunity to see the new one,” says Jeremy Renner surprisingly of Jason Bourne, considering that he actually stepped into the superspy franchise in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy, playing operative-on-the-run, Aaron Cross. “I’ve been pretty busy, so it’s difficult to really see any movie.” Renner has, however, heard online speculation that Aaron Cross and Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne may perhaps cross paths at some stage on screen. “I’ve always been excited about any sort of cross over, but that’s above my pay grade,” the actor says. “I never know the answer to those things. I just have my head down, focused on what’s in front of me, and that’s it.”

And for now, that means spruiking Arrival, gearing up for the next Avengers and Mission: Impossible movies, and finishing up Wind River, the latest film from scribe-on-the-rise turned director (and one-time Sons Of Anarchy star), Taylor Sheridan, who got rave notices for Sicario and Hell Or High Water. “Denis [Villeneuve] influenced me to go do that movie,” Renner says of his Arrival director, who also helmed Sicario, and is obviously a fan of Taylor Sheridan. “I was like, ‘Okay, okay!’ It’s a beautiful, small, insular film, like I thought Arrival to be. It’s very well written. It’s hard to pitch in terms of plot etc. We’ll talk about it when it’s time for it to come out. But I’m proud of it, and I’m glad that Denis pushed me to go do it. I’ve been working on that, and working on my music, and working on being a father. Being a father is Number 1. That’s what keeps me focused, and not worrying about whether the movies may or may not come my way.”

Arrival is released in cinemas on 10.


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