Jade of Death Finally Down Under

January 23, 2019
We have followed Jade of Death for a year now, and finally Australian online audiences will be able to see the sexy fantasy series!

Amassing over 2 million views from international audiences after playing at festivals around the world, Jade of Death is finally available for Australian audiences to see for free on LGBT+ YouTube channel One More Lesbian.

“We haven’t seen anything like Jade of Death, it’s a perfect fit for the One More Lesbian channel, and Jade is mesmerising.” says Shirin Papillon, Founder of One More Lesbian.

Jade is played by Bernie Van Tiel (pictured above), who has supernatural skills and who works as a ‘Fortune-Teller of Death’ at a freak show carnival. When people start hunting her down, she learns a lot more about her past and her special powers.

“I love shows that have a fantasy, mystery, thriller bent and I was getting really bored seeing the same old genre shows, so I basically just made the show that I wanted to see. I put a lot of myself into Jade of Death so it was a very cathartic experience,” said creator and writer/director Erin Good.

Produced by Taylor Litton-Strain, Jade of Death features a fantastic support cast, including Sara West (Don’t Tell, Bad Girl), Susan Prior (Book Week, Animal Kingdom), Jordan Cowan (Harmony) and Nicholas ‘Bad Boy Bubby’ Hope.

A second season is already in the works, but for now Australians, without further ado, here’s Season One.







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