Isn’t It Alex Kis?

February 28, 2019
We found out about the young Australian actress who plays ‘young Rebel Wilson’ in the rom-com Isn’t It Romantic.

Can you tell us more about yourself, how old you are, where you grew up and what do you school friends think about all this? 

I’m 11 turning 12 next month and grew up in Sydney. I have been dancing and singing from a very young age and both my dancing friends and my school friends are awesome. They make me feel like a normal 11-year-old kid. We talk about normal school stuff like the fact that we all have a crush on Zac Efron lol.

What are your parents like with regards to your acting/entertainment pursuits? Is this something that runs in the family?

My parents are super supportive. I come from a very music-based family on both sides but no actors. Although my mum thinks she can sing, my dad, grandad and uncle are all musicians. Mum tries.

Can you talk about how you got the role in Isn’t It Romantic

My agent contacted me about playing a Young Rebel Wilson. I was pretty excited and was super excited to learn the script. We had to do this pretty quickly and my agent helped me record it. I think it was probably a week later that we got an email from the US casting agent asking us for another tape with a totally different script. This was pretty cool as I had to do two versions, one with an American accent and one with my normal Australian accent. We didn’t hear anything until my agent called my mum probably two weeks later saying I was offered the role. From there I burst into tears!

How was the experience of making the film, have you seen it, and what did you think? Did all your scenes make the final cut?

Yes, I have seen it! I attended the premiere in LA which was surreal. I thought the film was funny and I loved Rebel’s character! There were so many funny moments both on set and in the film. On set, hands down, my favourite part was my scene with Jen Saunders [who plays Rebel’s/Alex’s mum], she is hilarious! One of the many funny moments that stood out to me in the film, was when Rebel is with her gay sidekick played by Brandon Scott Jones. Those scenes really cracked me up. There were a couple of short scenes that didn’t make the final cut but the majority of what I filmed, did.

Did you hang out with Rebel, and what was she like? Were you a fan of hers before meeting her?

Yes, Rebel came on set whenever I filmed. She would come and have a chat with me, and it was usually just a normal conversation. She is very grounded and cool. She also helped me control my laughter because I kept cracking up on set with Jen. Rebel helped me manage this with tips and tricks. Rebel is an incredible person. She was friendly, helpful and very generous!! She organised tickets for a musical on Broadway for me and my whole family. Not only did she organise the best seats, but she also got the lead character of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to come and get me from side stage and give me a private tour of the set. We’re all big fans of Rebel at home. For me, I loved her in Pitch Perfect because I say and do random things just like her character!

What do you want to do when you grow up, and how are you going to get it done?

Well I want to be an actress and make people laugh. I think I’m pretty funny and I want to share that with people. I think the only way to get that done is by hard work. The rest is just being me.

Alex flanked by Rebel Wilson and Miley Cyrus at the Isn’t It Romantic premiere

Have there been any reactions from the industry to your role in the film, and are there other roles in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

Yes, The Morning Show on Channel 7 have been very supportive and have invited me to the show 3 times since I came back from filming. There, I got to interview Margot Robbie and Elizabeth Debicki which was awesome, and I am currently engaged with my own segment “Busted” in a 71-episode TV series for Channel 7 produced by Northern Pictures, News of the Wild.

Isn’t It Romantic is available now on Netflix

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