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Though there have been calls for Idris Elba to take on the role (which will become a possibility if Cary Fukunaga stays on the franchise beyond Bond 25), and David Beckham’s name has even been absurdly thrown into the mix, FilmInk thinks that longtime James Bond producers, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, will stick with an Anglo-Saxon Brit to replace Daniel Craig, who only has one film left on his 007 contract, and has been making no secret of the fact that he’s done with Bond. When asked by Britain’s Time Out Magazine if he would be returning to the Bond role, Craig infamously said that he’d “rather break this glass and slash my wrists” than play 007 again in the near future. Well, one of these actors could very well end up slipping into the famous tuxedo…

Tom_Hiddleston_s_Jonathan_Pine_plays_an_increasingly_dangerous_game_in_The_Night_ManagerTOM HIDDLESTON A standout in Marvel Studios’ Thor films and The Avengers, this theatre trained 35-year-old thesp has little history of gunplay or on-screen rough-housing, but he’s certainly demonstrated the requisite amount of class and confidence to play James Bond, and is currently sitting as the favourite to take over from Daniel Craig. His stylish turn in the espionage mini-series, The Night Manager, certainly didn’t hurt his chances either…


DAMIAN LEWIS The world went crazy when the blonde Daniel Craig was cast as Bond…how would they react to a bloodnut scoring the coveted gig? The Homeland star is considered a favourite for 007, but at 45-years-old, is he a bit long in the tooth for multiple outings as the superspy?

JS30336131LUKE EVANS Pumping up his blockbuster franchise standing with major, eye catching roles in the hugely successful Hobbit and Fast & Furious films, this 37-year-old Welshman is the right age for Bond, and also boasts the perfect mix of style, charisma, and menace to play a killer spy.


DAN STEVENS Blonde and handsome, this 34-year-old former Downton Abbey star has also proven himself capable of on-screen threat (see the thriller, The Guest) and droll humour (witness his sly comic turn in Night At the Museum: Secret Of The Tomb) – both essentials to play 007.

Happy Valley

JAMES NORTON Firming recently in the international gambling stakes (thanks for those email updates, Sportsbet!), this dapper 31-year-old impressed critics and audiences with his performance in the mini-series, War & Peace, and the acclaimed TV mystery, Grantchester.


TOM HARDY Can one man be Mad Max and James Bond? Hugh Jackman has also anointed Hardy the best candidate to take over as Wolverine in future X-Men films. He would be great at both roles, but we’re guessing that one franchise might be enough for this charismatic performer.


OLIVER JACKSON-COHEN Though far from being a household name (neither was Daniel Craig), this tall, imposing, London-born 30-year-old has given solid, compelling performances in the Dwayne Johnson actioner, Faster, and the TV series, The Secret River, Dracula, and Mr. Selfridge.


JACK HUSTON Though the grandson of legendary American director, John Huston, this 34-year-old actor on the rise was born and raised in England. Once floated to topline a remake of The Crow, the star of Boardwalk Empire and Kill Your Darlings could also make for a strong 007.


JJ FEILD A little known choice from left, ahem, field, JJ Feild played British Howling Commando, James Montgomery Falsworth, in Captain America: The First Avenger, and has been highly impressive in Centurion, Austenland, Telstar: The Joe Meek Story, and TV’s Turn.


BEN BARNES Considerably younger looking than his 35 years might suggest, the star of Dorian Gray, Seventh Son, Easy Virtue, Killing Bono, and The Chronicles Of Narnia would make for a handsome Bond, but might lack the necessary sense of authority and gravitas.


MICHAEL FASSBENDER If you wanted someone to step into the shoes of Daniel Craig and continue exactly what he’s been doing as Bond, then the equally talented and charismatic Michael Fassbender would be perfect. And at 39, he’s pretty much the same age as Craig was when he started playing 007…


RICHARD MADDEN Handsome, compelling, and authoritative as Game Of Thrones’ tragic young ruler, Robb Stark, this 30-year-old has just a short list of roles to his credit, but his mix of dashing style (Cinderella) and toughness (TV’s Klondike) are good references for a call-up as Bond.


RICHARD ARMITAGE Proving that he could carry a franchise with The Hobbit (of which he was essentially the dark heart), this 45-year-old would be a good fit for Bond, but like a lot of equally 007-appropriate actors (Dominic West, Jack Davenport, Toby Stephens, Dougray Scott), he might just be a little too old now.


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