How to Create an IGTV Series Step-by-Step

February 25, 2021
In 2021, video on Instagram is going to continue to rise. For this reason, you need to start posting more video content both on your feed and on your Stories. To make users discover them, remember to buy Instagram automatic likes that will boost them as soon as you make them public.

In addition to these though, you must also explore your Instagram Live and IGTV options. When it comes to IGTV, many influencers choose to start a series of videos. When you serialise your content, users will expect the next installment, which will make it easier for them to follow you. Of course, if you get premium Instagram followers from, you can make their decision to follow you even easier.

In this article, you are going to learn the steps you need to take before launching a successful IGTV series.

Step 1 – Determine Why You Need to Launch an IGTV Series

The first step to any action you take on social media is to determine the reason for it. Your IGTV video series’ aim might be to engage your existing audience, bring traffic to your profile, or earn you new followers. If, for example, you want to engage your audience, you should lean more on a series that will make them like and comment under your videos. On the other hand, if you want new followers, then you have to buy Instagram automatic likes that will boost your videos as soon as they become public.

Step 2 – Find What Your Audience Likes

Once you determine the reason for your IGTV series, you need to discover what your audience likes. First of all, research your competitors to find out whether they have launched an IGTV series of their own. Moreover, you can create a Stories series, where you will ask users to tell you what they wish to see. Their suggestions are an excellent indication of the content they want to see. If you made sure to get premium Instagram followers from, then you should aim at a similar audience.

Step 3 – Plan Ahead

The next step requires that you consider your future needs. For example, if you think that your series will benefit from the contribution of another influencer, make sure that you start approaching them early. Furthermore, decide on the sets and the props you are going to use so that you start assembling your equipment. Additionally, don’t forget to plan on the people you will need to help you shoot and edit your videos. All of these details will lead to an excellent result, which will bring you premium Instagram followers.

Step 4 – Get the Proper Equipment

Once you have completed the planning stage, you can start by assembling the equipment you will need. For an IGTV series, you should invest in a good camera as the visual aspect of your videos will be very important. Moreover, don’t forget to get a microphone for the perfect audio and some lighting equipment. With this IGTV series, you are aiming on making your account a truly astounding one. Therefore, don’t hesitate to do everything you need, such as to buy Instagram automatic likes.

Step 5 – Write a Script for your Video

The next step for the creation of your IGTV series is the writing of the episodes. No matter what subject your series touches upon, you always need to have a script so that you sound amazing. This is even more important when you are bringing other people for your videos. Make sure that you write down and memorise the questions that you want to ask them. It is always great to involve your followers, and so, you can ask them what they would like to learn.

Step 6 – Collaborate with Influencers

To reach as many users as possible, you need to buy Instagram automatic likes for your videos so that they become recommended to more users. Another way to achieve this is by collaborating with other creators and influencers. By doing this, your content gets exposed to the influencer’s audience and you might gain new followers. However, remember to reach out to influencers in the same niche to ensure that you reach an audience relevant to your account.

Step 7 – Create a Filming Schedule

One more thing that you need to carefully consider for your IGTV video series is the filming schedule. For example, you might use a set that other people might need. Moreover, you should consider your guests’ schedules so that they face no pressure in participating in your videos. This step requires great coordination to make sure that everything runs smoothly and on time. To avoid any unexpected events, remember to always have a backup video to post instead of your next series installment.

Step 8 – Learn How to Edit your Videos

If you are not using a professional video editor for your IGTV series, you need to learn the basics of video editing yourself. An IGTV series is a step that not many creators are taking, and for this reason, you need to guarantee that your content is of excellent quality. Of course, the premium Instagram followers from will help you reach a wide audience. However, you can only retain this audience through interesting and well-made videos.

Step 9 – Create an Eye-Catching Cover Image

Your video is not complete until you have created an eye-catching cover image for it. Since you are creating an IGTV series, you need to keep some elements the same so that users can understand which videos belong to the series. A stunning cover can really guarantee you that when you buy Instagram automatic likes, you will get the results you wanted.

Step 10 – Find the Right Title and Hashtags

The last step for creating an awesome IGTV series is to find the right titles and hashtags for your videos. A quick hashtag research and competitor analysis will show you which hashtags are the ideal ones for your series.

An IGTV series will make your channel stand out in 2021. Start planning it and get premium Instagram followers from to make it succeed.


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