How Do Pokies Work?

March 29, 2019
Either you go down to the club or choose to play your favorite slot machine from the comfort of your own home, the concept behind the pokies is the same.

Oftentimes, people try to work out patterns on the spot and bash their heads in trying to predict when the next big win is going to swing by. In truth, and as previously explained by various gambling authorities all across the world, there is no such thing as predictability when it comes to slot machine.

How Slots Really Work

Before we dive into the details, let’s clarify one thing: each pokie is equipped with a computer program that randomly generates thousands – if not even more – possible outcomes every second. Each time you pull the lever, press the button, or click:

  1. The slot machine will randomly pick out a singular outcome out of a pool of thousands
  2. The slot machine immediately starts to generate a new batch of random outcomes
  3. Each second the process starts all over again
  4. Slot machines don’t have a memory or cached files

Therefore, once credits are inserted, the machine goes to work. Once it has generated an insane number of potential outcomes, the machine picks one and displays the result. If this leads to a winning combination recognisable by the machine, credits are paid. Otherwise, the pokie will restart the process until no more credits are inserted or it generates a new winning combination. Online pokies on the other hand have a totally different way of working.

Do Slot Machines Remember?

Contrary to what most gamblers think, the slot machine does not memorise any past outcome and most certainly does not replay a certain hand intentionally. The dangerous thing about this widespread misconception is that most gamblers believe a winning combination is just around the corner and continue to play through their losses awaiting the big break which may never come. And all of this because at some point during the evening they got rewarded with a satisfying number of spins, which in their heads signals an upcoming big win.

In truth, each event is separate from one another and is never affected by the rate at which free spins or other wins are awarded. More than not keeping a record of when was the last time it awarded a free spin, the machine also doesn’t keep track of how long somebody plays it or the length of time between the free spins/wins awarded. But, if your fancy are online pokies you should check this site for online pokies for real money opportunities in Australia.


No matter how predictable it may seem, a slot machine is nothing more than a computer program built to generate random outcomes each second, out of which only one is selected. And if that happens to be your lucky day, enjoy every bit of your wins! If not, the next day might be your big break, but in reality, it’s your fortune that really dictates whether you’re destined for the reels or not. Don’t beat yourself up if you still haven’t been experiencing insane wins, instead try out some free pokies, the internet is full of those.

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