by Erica Jones

Its primary purpose was to enhance peer-to-peer transactions without the need for financial intermediaries such as banks between the parties. Also, Bitcoin has no intrinsic value, but it has turned into a billion-dollar market. Below are some questions and answers explaining how this digital asset became a usable currency.

What is Bitcoin?

This digital asset is a randomly assigned set of unique numbers that are not encrypted or complicated. These numbers and letters link to individual signatures to prove ownership, which parties can exchange.

How Are Bitcoins Issued?

People can purchase this digital money on exchanges like or mine it as new Bitcoins. Bitcoin investors who want new coins must solve complex math problems posed by members of the Bitcoin open source consortium.

Once you successfully solve the math problem, you get into a new pool that will get several coins. However, solving complex math problems can take weeks and requires a lot of computing power. You are not sure that you will earn any Bitcoins, but it puts you into a lottery with a chance of winning the reward.

Is Bitcoin an Open Source?

Bitcoin is an open-source since the blockchain technology is public, and every participant can view the ledger. The theory behind it being open-source is to assure investors of its security and transparency.

There will be only 21 million Bitcoins available, and once miners hit this, no more new coins will enter the market. According to this virtual currency’s protocol, miners will mint the last digital coins at around 2140.

How Does Bitcoin Gain Value?

This virtual asset can gain value on exchange platforms because it increases value due to supply and demand. This digital money’s supply depends on how many new coins enter the market and how many current owners want to sell their coins. On the other hand, its demand depends on many factors. Its demand will increase based on how useful it is to own the digital currency. That means fast transactions and low fees characterize the Bitcoin system. And secondly, if more businesses start to accept this electronic asset, its demand will increase eventually. Additionally, investors have an increased demand for this virtual currency as a store of value.

How Does Bitcoin Become Money?

People exchange this digital asset for dollars on crypto exchanges. Also, such platforms allow users to convert Bitcoins into cash. These exchanges convert a percentage of digital coins into fiat money while withholding a certain percentage as their fees. Processors charge a fee like brokers to buy and sell this digital asset on the speculative marketplace.

Who accepts Bitcoin?

More and more companies are now accepting this digital asset as a means of payment, including Microsoft, which allows you to top up your account using Bitcoin. Also, it’s not only Microsoft that accepts Bitcoin payments. Other companies that do include;

  • Wikipedia
  • Paypal
  • Starbucks
  • AT&T
  • Overstock
  • Twitch
  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • CheapAir
  • Rakuten

These major companies have taken a step towards a better digital payment system. Even though we still have a long way before all shops and companies directly embrace Bitcoin, its usage seems to increase. Nevertheless, companies will benefit from accepting Bitcoin in numerous ways.


Bitcoin is a usable digital currency for some people and enterprises. It’s also an excellent store of value for investors despite its volatile nature and is gaining worldwide acceptance. Nevertheless, not all merchants accept it as a digital currency.


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