by Roger Stone

In the comedy “Homeless: Sam & Sally – The Movie,” the main characters Sam (Tyrone Evans Clark) and Sally (Margaret Newborn) are not typical homeless characters trying to survive in Los Angeles, California. Here, the stars of  Koreatown (in LA) are an African mother doing everything she can to protect her mentally-touched son. Their relationship stems from trust and fear. This feature film establishes a strong bond that a mother has for her child regardless of his/her mental state. The director Tyrone Evans Clark made the characters Sam and Sally very relatable to the 21st century day-to-day people who are all just trying to live and be happy. It reminds me of Chris Gardner’s Story which comes from a point of inspiration and I believe Tyrone wanted to do the opposite for this film. It didn’t make me sad, it just made me laugh. The movie has a few positive messages and seems to be packed with over-the-top acting.

At the center of this story is Foolish (Romeial Hilaire), a crazy New Orleans hipster who is also known for being Best Friends with Sam. Foolish is doing everything he can to help his friend from being homeless and living on the street. His polyamorous group consists of a bunch of hotties, Susie (Camille Calvin), Rebecca (I. Vega), and Beth (Selene Rojas Alcover), who tremendously add a super helping hand with coming up with a solution for rent money and this is a major spoiler alert… but also trying to get someone out of jail too. They all end up having a house party that is later in the night crashed by some hilarious cops, Idris (Darnell Baldwin) and Stokely (Mark Schaefer). Sam wants to prove to his friends that he’s got everything under control and Foolish with his girls take over the scene by allowing the cops to be part of the party.

With its deep storyline, the movie doesn’t want you to be sad for the characters,  but instead sympathise with them and just have fun with their journey. The movie lacks focus sometimes when it moves from scene to scene. The plotlines are a little bit mediocre. I enjoy stories that build on a steady momentum and there are a few in this movie. Each scene cuts straight to something interesting, but I still would enjoy seeing more momentum build-up. The film’s protagonists have tons of potential, but I would  like more development in this area, along with the story. Maybe if there is a sequel this could be the place that Tyrone Evans Clark can add on to his story.

Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie

Rated TV-14 for drug use, sexual references, brief violence and language. Running time: 48 minutes 59 seconds. In selective theaters (limited).

Main Image Caption: Camille Calvin and Tyrone Evans Clark in “Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie.”
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