Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Delayed Due to Hollywood Strike

September 27, 2023
We have seen many movies and TV shows affected by the Hollywood strike. Many of the modern renditions of classic films we’ve all been ramping up to see are going to be massively delayed as the industry fights for fair treatment and pay across the board.

While we certainly understand the logistics behind the strike, the effect that it will have across the entertainment industry is going to be substantial. Fans looking forward to the Godzilla x Kong movie that was slated for 2024 are hearing rumours that it may be delayed at least a year, depending on when the strike comes to an end.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Whether you’re a fan of Godzilla or a fan of Kong, you simply can’t deny the thrill that we have when we discover themed options like these and movies that bring the two together in a fight against a much more terrifying creature. This movie is one that fans have been waiting quite some time for already.

The movie Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire already has trailers out that have people stoked to see what the film brings to the big screen. This is the 38th film to come from the Godzilla franchise, and it brings the two massive creatures together in a fight to save the world. This particular movie is a sequel to the 2021 Godzilla vs. Kong.

They announced this sequel back in 2022, just shortly after the initial movie hit home. They started filming almost right away in hopes of getting the movie out quickly, and they scheduled the release for April 2024.

The movie brings back many of the cast members from Godzilla vs. Kong. The trailers alone make it look like a great movie with tons of action. There are also plenty of rumours about apocalyptic monster fights that will leave you begging for more action. We’ve seen the capabilities of these two creatures and even seen them pitted against each other. But what about when they come together to fight other deadly enemies? It’s bound to be a movie that will win the audience over.

Packed with action, chaos, and mayhem, it’s exactly the type of plot that fans are looking for. The original release date was set for March 15, 2024. We have high hopes for the new release date, but there is no telling if we will see more delays before the movie is officially released.

Hollywood Writers Strike

In the midst of filming and editing, the writer’s strike started, putting a halt to nearly anything that was in process in Hollywood. While filming was announced as complete for this particular film, much of the behind-the-scenes work will be slowed down or even stopped until the strike is finished.

When the movie was first announced, the initial release date was in March of 2024. Now, it has been pushed back about a month to April 12, 2024. However, with the strike ongoing, there is no way to know if it could be delayed again. We certainly hope that this will remain the official date for release.

The writer’s strike is one of the most substantial strikes and one that is certainly going to take some time to negotiate. The basis of the strike ultimately boils down to many actors, writers, editors, and more who have seen substantial decreases in their income thanks to streaming platforms.

For many Hollywood career people, their income comes from residuals. But with streaming, there is no residual income. This means those people are either making nothing or next to nothing on their substantial efforts. It’s simply a design that no longer works to sustain the industry and the people within the industry.

The strike started in May of 2023 and continues now several months later. In July, another group joined the writers’ strike. Unfortunately, according to media reports, there is little to no progress on coming to an agreement. Unless something changes soon, we will see far more delays.

Final Thoughts

Godzilla x Kong is just one example of some major movies that are being affected by the writers’ strike. We have no idea when the strike will be settled, which means we have no clarity of delays and how many more delays we may see along the way. While this film has only been delayed about a month at present, we may still see additional delays before the strike comes to an end.

There are some great films like this that we are all itching to see, but we must continue to be patient as we wait for things to play out.