Go Karts Starts Shooting in Western Australia

April 20, 2018
Richard Roxburgh, Dan Wyllie, and Frances O'Connor are on board the new family film from the writer of Paper Planes.

See Pictures’ Go Karts kicks off production in Western Australia’s South West region this week. Newcomer William Lodder is taking the lead as larrikin go-kart racer Jack, supported by an ensemble cast that includes Frances O’Connor (The Missing, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Mansfield Park), Richard Roxburgh (Rake, Moulin Rouge, Breath), Dan Wyllie (Love My Way, No Activity, Muriel’s Wedding), Darius Amarfio-Jefferson (The BBQ), Cooper van Grootel (Monday Night Menace) and newcomer Anastasia Bampos.

As the official synopsis says, “Jack (Lodder) is a charismatic larrikin who has just discovered the one thing he’s really good at – go-kart racing. Under the loving but wary eye of his mother, Christie (O’Connor), the support of his mentor, Patrick (Roxburgh), an old race car driver with a secret past, and his best mates Colin and Mandy (Amarfio-Jefferson and Bampos), Jack must learn to control his recklessness if he is to defeat the best drivers in the country, including the ruthless champion Dean (van Grootel), and win the National title.”

Written by Steve Worland (Paper Planes), Go Karts is directed by Owen Trevor, (Top Gear UK).

“The Go Karts script contains incredible heart, drama, laughter and exhilarating action. That actors of Richard’s, Frances’ and Dan’s calibre will be bringing it to life is incredibly exciting for me and I am so excited to have put together an ensemble of such exciting young talent in William, Anastasia, Cooper and Darius,” said Trevor.

Go Karts will be distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Roadshow Films.


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