Girl Power Rules In Dollhouse’s Dolly Flick, Seriously Red

November 18, 2020
Production company Dollhouse Pictures is shooting Seriously Red, a musical comedy about a Dolly Parton impersonator. Yee haw!

A top-tier team of female talent has come together for Seriously Red, a raucous Aussie musical comedy set to the tunes of feminist country music icon, Dolly Parton. Actress and filmmaker, Gracie Otto will make her fictional feature directorial debut after impressing with a host of shorts and the cracking 2013 doco, The Last Impresario, under the umbrella of Dollhouse Pictures, the creative collective and independent production company founded by actress and writer, Krew Boylan (best known for playing infamous drug mule Schapelle Corby in the TV movie, Schapelle); international star, Rose Byrne; publicist turned producer, Jessica Carrera; director, Shannon Murphy (Babyteeth); and the aforementioned Ms. Otto.

Seriously Red is written by Krew Boylan, who also plays the lead role of Red, a vivacious and funny redhead who comes screeching toward a crossroads in her life when she throws in her career in real estate to up stakes and don a blonde wig and grab a microphone to strike out on her own as a Dolly Parton impersonator. In one fell swoop, Red has swapped the pant-suits, brochures, and fake smiles of real estate for a wild new world of tribute artists and fellow impersonators, and even finds herself in her own version of the “Islands In The Stream” video when she indulges in a romance with, yes, a Kenny Rogers impersonator.

Seriously Red (which is currently shooting in NSW’s Northern Rivers region) is produced by Dollhouse’s Jessica Carrera, along with and Robyn Kershaw from Robyn Kershaw Productions, while Rose Byrne (who also features in the film, alongside her off-screen husband, Bobby Cannavale) and Danny Nozell are on board as executive producers. Worldwide distribution will be handled by Arclight Pictures. “Seriously Red is created by an extraordinary all-female filmmaking team, which at Arclight Films we are proud to always champion,” says said Arclight Films Chairman Gary Hamilton. “The film is a fun, upbeat celebration of women and their journey to self-acceptance. It’s a powerful film that appeals to worldwide distributors who understand that audiences will immediately fall in love with the story, the beautifully drawn characters…and the music!”

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