by Adam Thompson

VR Glasses for Full Immersion on Your Smartphone

Virtual reality is now the most demanded technology that created a real boom in numerous markets. It has revolutionized even the medical industry and education, so users can hardly be surprised with the opportunity to play casino games NZ or use VR glasses in design. However, did you think about watching the best movies with the possibility of becoming the main character?

Virtual reality films are the new trend among cinema fans. There’s no need to go somewhere, get tickets, and search for a film that interests you. The effect of full immersion can be received while you are at home. In such an instance, your experience will be completely different from the traditional movie session in the cinema. The viewer no longer stands aside but becomes the protagonist of the plot.

Equipment Required for Convenient Movie Watching

Even though most users think such a pleasure would be costly, we hasten to assure you that you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment. It’s enough to get the following:

  • Any VR glasses of your choice: even the simplest and cheapest options are enough to make a home cinema. Expensive alternatives usually have their own audio systems with headphones and are made of high-quality materials. However, such additional features are not of utmost importance if you just want to have some fun watching a movie
  • A smartphone: when choosing a mobile device, the first thing you should consider in this case is the screen size. It should be compatible and usually varies from 4.7 to 6 inches. As a rule, it doesn’t matter whether you have an iOS or Android smartphone since most VR glasses support all operating systems. In addition, ensure that the selected device supports virtual reality: rotate the image, and check whether it works
  • An application with VR videos: there are plenty of them on the Internet, both free and those where you pay for a subscription. Choose any that you like since it all depends on your preferences: the most common option is YouTube VR

It’s the easiest and the cheapest way to enjoy movies in virtual reality. Your smartphone is always in your pocket, and you can create a cinema not only at home but also in the park, car, or any other place. You need a high-quality connection if you prefer watching movies online, but it’s possible to download the desired video in advance to your device. So, check the list of the best films and be ready to have the fascinating experience of feeling like you are the main character!


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