First Look Trailer: Bloom

November 7, 2018
A teaser focusing on the character played by Phoebe Tonkin and Jacki Weaver drops for the intriguing 6-part STAN Original Series.

Per the presser: “Bloom is a mystery drama about the scarcity of time and the choices we make. Beyond the impulses of youth and the regrets of age lies a secret. One year after a devastating flood kills five locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore youth. It’s a gift powerful beyond wildest imaginings. A phenomenon so formidable that attempting to harness its potency means re-evaluating everything that’s important. It’s a miracle some will kill to keep secret.”

The first three eps to be directed by John Curren (Praise, Tracks), whilst the last three will be helmed by Mat King (Pine Gap, Dr Who).

The top notch cast also includes Bryan Brown, Ryan Corr, Daniel Henshall, Sam Reid, Genevieve Morris, Anne Charleston, Terry Norris, Amali Glden, Nikki Shiels, Tessa Rose, John Stanton and Rod Mullinar.

STAN have also announced that all six episodes will drop on January 1, 2019. Happy New Year bingers!

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