Antisocial: Sketch Comedy with Byte

November 6, 2018
(Luke) Goodall & (Marc) Gallagher’s hilariously scathing web series is what the internet deserves.

“Antisocial is basically a worst-case scenario of where social media and technology is heading,” says Luke Goodall, one of the creators and stars of the series. “When you spend as much time browsing pointlessly as we do, you start to notice just how much it can suck you in and affect you. Even everything we were writing seemed to have a social media spin to it! So instead of stepping away like any normal person would, we decided to run with that and make a full-blown sketch comedy series out of it.”

The ‘we’ is Goodall & Gallagher, a Melbourne comedy duo who have featured on Foxtel’s The Slot.

“Sketch comedy is a great way to hone your craft as a filmmaker too,” says the other creator/star Marc Gallagher. “You get to practise narrative, action and drama all on a micro scale. Also, we hope it’s funny too.”

It is very funny Marc, and your comment about honing your craft as a filmmaker also strikes a chord, because the technically and stylistically polished and astute Antisocial rivals anything you will see on Funny or Die or, dare we say, Peele and Key. It’s also, as the press release states ‘high-concept lowbrow’ and brilliantly shot and paced, proving the creators’ well-tuned abilities as storytellers and performers.

Supporting Goodall & Gallagher is a cast that includes Georgia Chara (Wentworth), Susie Kazda (Rostered On), Max Price (Kinne), comedian Frenchy and Pippa Mills and Helena Ruse from the comedy duo ‘The Leftovers’.

Subject matter tackled in the respective Antisocial episodes include obsessions with following hawt women on Instagram, Twitter arguments and how men would cope being a woman for a day in virtual reality.

Two episodes have dropped so far (see below), and Goodall & Gallagher are about to touch down in the States where the episode ‘The Boyfriend Bot’ has been selected for the New York City Web Fest.

“It was a great challenge taking on a completely new character every episode,” says Goodall. “It definitely kept everything fresh and as writers it allowed us to explore any silly idea that came into our head. And my word, were there some silly ideas that we turned into reality!”

Insta Creep

Web Tutorial Fail

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