Favorite Movies that Feature Casinos and Gambling

September 20, 2019
Movies have been a source of entertainment for many, for a long time, mainly because they take their fans into an alternate reality. Casino fans especially love casino-inspired movies for providing an insight into the world of gambling.

The Cooler

William H. Macy is the star in this movie that revolves around the story of a man whose luck is so bad, his job in a casino is to stand at the tables of other players to return the house edge! This man is nicknamed the ‘Cooler.’ However, the man’s fortune changes, much to the annoyance of his employers and to the delight of gamblers seeking casino bonuses and other wins. At some point, every casino player in Vegas identifies him as the lucky charm. This movie is entertaining and will remind you of all the superstition identified with casino gaming.


21 is one of the rare casino treats based on an unbelievable true story. A math teacher, played by Kevin Spacey, teaches some talented students how to count cards in the major casinos of the Vegas strip. This movie was released before online casinos had taken root, and the story peaks with trickery and hedonism that is so bizarre that many do not believe that it actually happened. If you are a huge fan of card counting, blackjack, this movie will be an exciting treat for you.


This movie features a younger Matt Damon along with other notable stars like Edward Norton and John Malkovich. The film is all about a businessman who paid for his university fees by winning on the poker table.  The movie comes down to a thrilling high-stakes poker game in which Matt, the businessman, must beat a seasoned poker baron played by Malkovich. The film’s spectacular and accurate depictions of the poker table dynamics and strategies used to win will provide a degree of excitement that is quite rare.

The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid is yet another casino movie that will impress you with its excellent performances. It stars Steve McQueen and tells the story of an upcoming gambler who tries to use his wit against a high-roller, Lancey Howard. Lancey, played by Edward G. Howard, agreed to take on McQueen, assuming that he would be less competition because his reputation was built by winning unremarkable backroom competitions. Moreover, the Kid’s attention is often taken away, which threatens his chances of winning. Eventually, the movie culminates in a high stakes game, after which one of them emerges the winner.

The Sting

This movie stars the dynamic duo Paul Newman and Robert Redford, who have offered remarkably entertaining movies when coupled in films. In this movie, they play two con men, one a beginner, and the other a professional. Together, they targeted a criminal boss who enjoyed gambling every once in a while, and who seems to be targeting Redford’s character for a previous rip off.

This gambling movie has an additional dynamic: the con. The con becomes even more complex and exciting as the situation gets even more dangerous for the two conmen. The movie ends up in a thrilling drama that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Molly’s Game

This movie is hinged on the story of former Olympian, Molly Bloom. Bloom’s career came to an unprecedented end when she suffered an injury, and instead chose to start playing one of the most famous poker games. She engaged the best players, athletes, a Hollywood star, and even some of the Russian Mafia. The movie will dazzle you with the depiction of poker gaming as well as the expected surges of drama and emotion.

The Gambler

This movie is another classic that tells the story of Russian author, Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The movie features the aspects of the dramatic plays of the good old days, as well as Russian roulette. The film centers on the story of the Russian author’s plan to write a novel in just 27 days to cover the debt he accrued from gambling. His story, ‘Roulettenburg,’ comes across as a mix of fiction and reality, when his characters come to life. There will also be plenty of Roulette action and a heart-warming love story.

Don’t Miss Out on these Titles!

These movies have fantastic gambling stories, some unbelievable action, and the excitement associated with all kinds of casino games. Any of these movies will have you marveling and at the edge of your seat.

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