Different Personalities that Casino Players Have: Which is Yours?

February 24, 2021
Every day, millions of people go to online casinos to play real money games. It is estimated that the biggest online gambling sites service over 14 million gamblers a day from all over the world. Online gambling has surely grown in the past years and it is expected to continue to do so in the next few years.

While it is amusing to know how many people gamble online daily, what’s also interesting is how these people spend their time on these casinos. With that, we are sure that there are already patterns in how people gamble online.

Whether you want to play online blackjack or any other casino games, you will surely encounter different online players. Today, many casino sites allow their customers to chat with each other and it is interesting to know how others gamble away. Here are some of the most common types of casino players that you might encounter as you play different games.

  • The Newbies

It is common for you to encounter newbies and maybe you even are a newbie yourself. Every day, online casinos get new users and so, it is likely that you will be sharing a table or room with newbies multiple times a day.

Newbies are usually low-balling as they are still trying to get a grasp of how online casino gaming works. They most likely have Google ready in case they need help with anything. They most likely will not ask the other players questions if chatting is allowed because they like to play it cool. They may act like they know how the game works, but not really.

However, the lack of knowledge in the game that they are playing can do them good. People call this beginner’s luck but this mostly happens because newbies do not have to heavily think of the risks that they have to take when placing their bets.

  • The Pro Players

Professional players are the ones who already know how the game works so well. They are usually the ones who have solid strategies when it comes to the moves that they make. They take gambling online seriously because this is what they do for a living.

Some may come in a form of casino game streamers, but there are many who just totally turned gambling into a career that sustains their living cost and lifestyle. They usually take their time to decide on their next moves and they know when they should take the back seat.

  • High Rollers

High rollers are not necessarily professional or even expert players. They love the risk that gambling gives and with that, we can assume that these are gamblers with big money to spend. They wager large amounts of cash because they have the money anyway.

Often, high rollers are part of a casino VIP club. Online casinos reward their high rollers with perks and sometimes even better bonuses. A high roller may be willing to spend around 200,000 USD or more in just a single game.

  • The Wallflowers

Playing a casino game in a room or a table is a dance party. You get to mingle with other casino players and it’s either you go to the dancefloor or not. The wallflowers are the audience who only want to learn from other players.

They are also called backseat gamblers and usually, they fall under the newbie and casual category. It’s most likely that they are still building their strategies or simply enjoy gambling without any risks involved.

  • Casual Players

Many people are considered casual players and the number of casual players did rise during the pandemic. This type of casino player would only gamble online when they feel like it or if they have the extra time and money to spare.

The pandemic caused stay-at-home protocols last year and because of that, people had to find different indoor activities to keep themselves entertained. Some chose to gamble online with real money. In addition, since things are starting to somehow lighten up, people are now back to work and are going more outside.

Those who signed up to online casinos last year might still visit their accounts from time to time, and so they will fall under the casual category. They are the ones who are not after winning nor losing. They mainly play casino games on the internet for fun or to meet new people from around the world.

Photo by Drew Rae from Pexels

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