Craig Boreham’s Lonesome Commences Production in Sydney

June 7, 2021
The filmmaker follows up his impressive debut Teenage Kicks.

Described as ‘unflinching’, Lonesome follows Casey (Josh Lavery), a country boy running away to the big city and diving deep into hook-up apps and anonymous sex. He soon meets Tib (Daniel Gabriel), who shares Casey’s desire for meaningless sex to mask his pain. Joining newcomers Lavery and Gabriel in the cast are Anni Finsterer and Ian Roberts in supporting roles.

“It’s exciting to be telling this story with such a brilliant cast,” says Boreham in a press release. “It’s a very queer tale and a very specific storyworld that we are building, and our actors are throwing themselves into it with the kind of daring energy that the story deserves.”

Behind the scenes, Boreham is joined by filmmaker Dean Francis (Drown) as co-producer and DOP.

“Dean and I have been talking about working together on a feature project for years,” said Boreham, “We have both explored similar themes in our work and have been great support for each other’s projects over the years and this just felt like the perfect project to collaborate on.”

“I was very drawn to Craig’s screenplay because it doesn’t hold back in telling a queer story explicitly and with emotional authenticity,” added Dean Francis. “Both Craig and I are accustomed to being slapped with an R18+ rating for our work and we are both driven as filmmakers to push back against the conservatism of Australian cinema.”

Lonesome is being produced by Breathless Films, headed up by Ben Ferris and Ulysses Oliver, who recently announced production of Tennessine, a romantic drama directed by Amin Palangi, written by and starring Osamah Sami. Breathless aims to foster “the opportunity to merge creative risk-taking with commercial viability for a diverse community of Australian filmmakers.”



  1. How do we get involved in films like these as Australian Queer Actors. I’d love to be a part of a film like this!

    1. Makiah: come and volunteer for Queerscreen, you will meet all of them and more. Check Queerscreen website, i have been on it for 10 years and its fun! Its a good start n you can sit on presentations and get involve! Miss Cleo.

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