Blood Father

August 26, 2016
Blood Father is our ClubInk September 2016 Movie of the Month.

Mel Gibson returns to the big screen with shades of Sicario and Payback in this edge-of-your-seat action thriller. Scripted by Straight Outta Compton’s Andrea Berloff and The Town’s Peter Craig (based on his novel), Blood Father is brought to the screen by the team behind The Prophet and Rust & Bone, and helmed by Jean-François Richet, the César-winning French director behind the acclaimed Mesrine films. Action and attitude meets humour and humility as Gibson stars as John Link, an ex-con trying – none too enthusiastically – to embrace life on the straight and narrow. Eking out a meagre existence as a tattoo artist in his trailer park home, he battles with his past and his future. When his estranged daughter, Lydia, is caught up in a drug deal gone wrong, she finds herself reaching out to the last man that she ever thought she’d need – her father. Only he can protect her from those who want her dead, and only he will…no matter what it may cost him.

Blood Father is in cinemas from September 1.

Thanks to Icon, each ClubInk member receives a double pass to this intense thriller.



  1. Blood Father

    Very good movie with lots of action and a great performance from Mel Gibson. every one should watch this movie. thanks for the article

    1. Dov Kornits

      Hi Lauren, I left a message on your mobs. Passes were sent together with the David Brent ones… You’ll have to let us know whether you got that one, if that’s ok, and we can re-send a Blood Father pass if necessary.

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