Blockbusters Inspiring Casino Game Developers

October 17, 2019
Entertainment comes in many forms and on many occasions the entertainment industries meet one another.

Movie characters feature on clothes, toys, video games and of course casino games. This phenomenon is not something that only started recently, as it has been going on for decades, but it is definitely something that is gaining popularity as technology advances.

In terms of casino games, the world’s biggest providers invest hours in developing games featuring movie stars and comic book super heroes. A variety of such games can be found at With just a few clicks, players can launch slot games such as The Dark Knight Rises, Gladiator or Rocky. The list of games does not stop there of course, but many players prefer games that are based on some of the most iconic movies of all time.

Top Slot Game Picks for Movie Fans

Gladiator Slot – This popular slot game is based on the homonym 2000 movie directed by Ridley Scott, featuring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix. After the death of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, general Maximus loses everything and finds himself in the arena, where he has to fight for his life as a gladiator. Maximus gradually finds a way to earn the love of the crowds and his efforts in the arena become a gateway for something that will change the fate of the Roman Empire for ever.

The Matrix – Keanu Reeves portrays character Neo; an average millennial, who uncovers the truth about reality. In the Matrix trilogy, Neo joins Morpheus and Trinity and together they fight to rid the world of a virus spreading through the Matrix. That virus is none other than Agent Smith. This 5-reel slot has become very popular because of the wild symbols that can reward players with consecutive free games. A new Matrix film is said to be on the way too.

The Mummy – This 20 payline video slot is based on the 1999 blockbuster, featuring funny guy Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. Rick O’Connell leads a group of explorers and adventurers to the lost City of the Dead. There, they accidently release an evil that threatens to plague the world with phenomena that people have only read about in books and fairy tales.

Top Gun – This slot game truly takes players back to the ’80s! By launching the game, players will join Maverick and Iceman on their supersonic flights. The movie follows the journey of young fighter pilots, as they undergo their training to become the best pilots in the air force. Apart from giving Tom Cruise worldwide recognition, Top Gun is also the reason why song ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggins is still popular today.

Things to Consider When Playing Online

It can sometimes be hard for players to find the right casino for them, as there are more than a handful casinos available online. However, there are certain requirements that every player should set before opening an online casino account.

Safety – An online casino should be licensed and regulated by a respected gambling authority, such as for example the UK Gambling Commission. It should also use encryptions to protect the activity of all its members.

Game Availability – An online casino should offer a variety of slot games, table games and real time playing games, such as live Roulette and live Blackjack.

Promotions – New and existing customer bonuses come in many different forms. Some companies offer percentage bonuses based on deposits while others offer free spins. Some even offer both types of promotions at the same time. A thing to always keep in mind before clicking on any “Claim Now” button is that both the bonuses as well as their terms should be easy to understand.

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