Alexandra Nell: Going Places

October 16, 2019
The West Australian actress will soon be seen in Zak Hilditch’s Netflix thriller, Rattlesnake, along with short film I’m Not Hurting You, both films premiering at the Austin Film Festival.

“I think coming out of drama school there’s often an expectation that there will be work waiting for you,” says Alexandra Nell, who graduated NIDA, Australia’s prestigious acting school. “But sometimes that isn’t the case, sometimes you have to create your own work, and if I’m honest, this can be the most rewarding experience.”

Nell co-created web series Single Ladies with Megan Hollier and Aaron Moss, a six parter about a radio show run by women navigating their way through relationships.

Back in 2016, Nell appeared in David Vincent Smith’s short film We Were Here, and now she stars in his follow up, I’m Not Hurting You.

“David and I created a character pushed to the limits, forced into making a desperate decision without fully being aware of the consequences. I’ve always thrived in projects where you feel like there’s something at stake, where you can immerse yourself completely in a role and strive for authenticity. Having collaborated with David over the last few years, we’ve developed a great trust and shorthand on set – we’re both willing to push each other’s comfort zones, and I’m thrilled our work is gaining recognition,” said Nell about the film’s selection at Austin Film Festival.

Also screening in Austin, Zak ‘These Final Hours’ Hilditch’s Rattlesnake, a Netflix Original, in which Nell plays a supporting role as an Australian hiker.

“I remember waking up to an email from Zak a few hours before hearing from the casting office saying I got the part,” says Nell. “I think my heart stopped when I read the congratulatory email. Working on a feature film in New Mexico, let alone on a Netflix set with cast and crew heavyweights has been an absolute career highlight. I’m so grateful that the team saw something in my audition tape.”

Securing US representation with Fourward (who look after the Hemsworths among others), 2 more short films in the can – New York made Eudaemonia and Lost Boy with Michael Sheasby and Ben Oxenbould – and a role in the upcoming mockumentary, Koko: A Red Dog Story, Alexandra Nell is certainly going places.

Photo credit: Sally Flegg


  1. Kate

    I love watching Alex perform. This is so great to read about all the good stuff going on in her career!

  2. Lynn Firkin

    Hi my beautiful Alex
    Well what great news. It is high time you have become recognized as the most amazing person and actress. So proud of you and always have been. It is a very exciting time in your life and enjoy it. Always remember I believe you are the female version of our amazing Hugh Jackman!
    Love you Lynn F

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