Best of Leonardo Dicaprio: Films You Would Like to Watch

April 11, 2019
American actor and producer, laureate of the Golden Globe Award and Oscar owner – this is all about the famous actor Leonardo Dicaprio.

Despite becoming widely known after his role in Titanic, his way to the world’s recognition was not easy. Like many others, he started his path playing in TV series, one of which was Santa Barbara. Since then, the roles and the acting of Leonardo himself have significantly transformed and acquired another psychological depth. As many people noted, Leonardo has the habits of an ordinary person, and actively supports the environment and endangered animals.

Moreover, Leonardo is a beloved man all over the world. Many ladies are dreaming about dating Jack from Titanic or Mr. Gatsby. Even girls from wellhello reviews are thinking about that. Well, let us check the films you would like to watch with Leo Dicaprio.

  1. Catch Me If You Can

In the 1960s, high school student Frank Abagnale runs away from his family when his parents decide to divorce. All he has is $25. A few years later, he will have earned over $4 million through fraud, posing as a pilot, pediatrician, and lawyer. But from the very beginning of his journey, Frank was pursued by FBI agent Carl Hanratty, and this cat-and-mouse game continued for many years.

  1. Titanic

The love story of the young Rose and Jack happens during the dramatic collapse of the famous “Titanic”. A girl from a wealthy aristocratic family, whose parents decide to marry a young and rich Caledon, falls in love with a simple working guy who happened to be on the first and last voyage of the legendary ship. He won a third-class ticket in poker. The ship goes to America, while the passions of love and jealousy, hate and thirst for enrichment, the fatal iceberg are getting closer…

  1. Great Gatsby

Get ready to be involved in the world of movie stars and big politicians, golden youth and aristocrats, with luxury fireworks and parties. Mr. Jay Gatsby is a mysterious character behind all this. No one saw him, but everyone heard about him. Soon, young, inexperienced and naive Nick Caraway gets an invitation from Gatsby. Later he will write a piercing story of love, lust for power and crime.

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street

At the very beginning of his journey, Jordan Belfort remembered the instructions of his first boss: keep a sober head and being cocaine-free in the world of big money is absolutely impossible. Millions of dollars and enemies in the FBI can spoil the karma of anyone.

  1. The Revenant

The story of the survival of American trappers in the northern forests of America at the beginning of the 19th century. Hugh Glass fights with a grizzly bear that causes him severe wounds. Having decided that Glass would not survive, the group leaves the dying man and move forward.

This is a small short-list of Leo`s best films. However, we bet it is worth your time. Check yourself.


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