Who Became Bitcoin Millionaires and How It Works?

November 5, 2019
Lots of people are deeply engaged in the crypto market dream of one day becoming the "master of the coin" or even better, Bitcoin millionaire. However, getting to this level of affluent status requires brilliant investment choices and the ability to analyse and accurately predict future trends in the crypto market.

Well, it may not be easy, but here is a curated list of Bitcoin millionaires who prove that it is possible to make millions from investing in Bitcoins, in one way or another. First things first; however, it’s a good idea to understand how Bitcoin works before you start dealing.

From there, if you are one of those dreamers, looking at how the top dogs operate could get you closer to making your dreams come true. Let’s go through their stories and find out how they made it to the top of the Bitcoin pyramid.

The Bitcoin Millionaires

Below are Bitcoin millionaires who played it smart in the crypto world by making clever investment decisions and made a fortune out of it.

1.     Winklevoss Twins

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss are the famous identical twins who are currently worth $1 billion. A while back, the two brothers sued Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, for stealing their Social Media idea. But after a 4-year battle of suing Facebook, they ended up settling with $65 million in cash and $45 million in stock. They later invested this money into bitcoin, and with time, it became a success. Now, they apparently own up to 1% of the current circulating bitcoin! Isn’t that impressive?

With about 18 million BTC in circulation, and the exchange rate being over 7,000 USD on the coin in 2019, you do the math, and you’ll see how wealthy these guys are in Bitcoin alone.

1.     Charlie Shrem

In 2011 when Charlie Shrem was just a college senior, he started investing in Bitcoin. Soon after, the platform he was investing in crashed, and he lost all his bitcoins as a result. After a while, he met up with Gareth Nelson, another peer who shared the same frustration. Charlie and Gareth Nelson later teamed up and created BitInstant, a more user-friendly company that charged a small fee for the users who trade cryptocurrency on their platform.

Charlie Shrem soon made a lot more money and invested some of it in Bitcoin. When the price of currency skyrocketed, he’d sell his bitcoins and reinvest the money in real estate, and as a result, he managed to accumulate up to $45 million in net worth. So, even if you are at a low point when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrency, you should know that all hope is not lost. Staying focused will get you there eventually as long as you keep making the right moves!

2.     Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert, the CEO of one of the most popular companies thriving in the crypto space, DGC (Digital Currency Group), is yet another inspirational story. The primary mission of the company is to assist in speeding up the global adoption of cryptocurrency and improve the status of the current financial system.

Other than DGC, Mr. Silbert also owns a couple of other firms, including Genesis, a crypto trading platform, Grayscale, another company that focuses on investments on crypto-currency and ETF, which tracks Bitcoin prices. Over the years, Barry has made a significant amount of money, and now his net worth is at $500 million, with much of his wealth coming from crypto-related to-dos.

1.     Roger Ver

Well-known as the “Bitcoin Jesus,” Roger Ver is one of the earliest investors in the project. He once listened to a podcast about cryptocurrencies and became fascinated immediately. Because of his insatiable curiosity, he started gathering as much information about it, and after a while, he founded MemoryDealers.com. This was one of the first companies that accepted Bitcoin as a payment method.

By this platform, he became an enthusiastic advocate for Bitcoin, which led to the creation of Bitcoin.com, a trading platform for cryptocurrency. Currently in 2019, he is worth over $430 million, according to Forbes Magazine.

2.     Jeremy Gardner

Gardner is another renowned bitcoin millionaire, especially because of his young age. At only 25 years old, he is now worth $300 million. Gardner’s story started back in 2013 when a friend offered to buy Gardner’s BTC in exchange for some bucks. Upon seeing the value of Bitcoin, he immediately began investing in it.

He saw that he was doing well and later decided to convert his stock holdings to cryptocurrency. He became so successful that he created several companies such as Augur, a crypto forecasting tool based on blockchain technology.

Gardner is also founding member of the Blockchain Education Network, a non-profit organisation that helps students to get jobs. Besides, it allowed students to get funding from numerous educational events that take place on University grounds. Today, he is living his best life by working for a venture capital company for free as he travels the world.

1.     Kingsley Advani

Kingsley Advani took a very risky bet, which paid out considerable returns in the end. He sold all his possessions as well as emptying his savings account and investing all of it in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

His investments grew and grew until he quit his job, and now, he is travelling all over the world as an angel investor. With all the money he made, he managed to invest in several companies like Ziliqa, Aion, Wanchain, Deep brain and many more.

2.     Curtis Jackson aka “50 Cent”

Yeah, that’s right. Who would have thought that a famous rapper is also a bitcoin Millionaire? With 50 Cent, it took him some time before he realised that he had accumulated a significant amount of BTC.

He was one of the first rappers to accept bitcoin as a means of payment for his 2014 album, which he left untouched for a long time, and apparently, he forgot about them. Recently, he discovered that he had collected 700 BTC, which is worth about $6 million today. Why don’t you get ‘in da club’ today for a chance at cashing out from investing in Bitcoin?

Final Thoughts

Well, you are now well-versed with some of the famous bitcoin millionaires who made the right decision at the right time and accrued lots of money in the process. One thing you need to take note of, however, is the fact that Bitcoin is highly volatile, and things can get pretty bad very quickly. But because of the high risks, there are high rewards to be reaped.

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