Australian Actor’s Web Series Lampoons Worst of Hollywood

July 19, 2017
Australian actor and writer Alex Cubis created and stars in Unverified, a web-series mockumentary about a young man trying to get a television show greenlit in Hollywood.

Cubis plays Andrew, a self-centered and oblivious British writer who wanders around LA and, like so many others, imitates the other creative hopefuls by writing in Starbucks and pushing their screenplays onto anyone who can read.

“People generally don’t want to be friends with me, because they’re just intimidated by me,” says his character Andrew in one particularly funny episode about making friends in Los Angeles.

Unverified is a digestible web series that skewers the worst of the Hollywood-type. The debut series has seven episodes, which premiere weekly on Cubis’ YouTube channel Cube TV, Facebook page and Funny or Die.

While some of the situations may only appeal to those with more knowledge of the entertainment industry, the mockumentary style makes these insider jokes accessible. The obvious influences of The Office and 30 Rock are clear through Cubis’ writing and delivery, which find the most annoying stereotypes about Hollywood to successfully lampoon.

Cubis says the series was inspired by some real-life people he interacted with in Hollywood as well as current issues in entertainment, like disadvantages for people of colour in the industry. “The story has also been informed by my relationship with Los Angeles, frequent interactions with actors who claim to be struggling but are funded by their wealthy families, and my own neuroses,” he added.

Recently, Cubis filmed a lead role in an upcoming US feature film, Just Within Reach, with Estella Warren and Thomas Duffy and also filmed a pilot for YouTube in early 2017. He is also known for starring in and producing Show Offs, which was selected for the Cannés Court Metrage.

Three episodes of Unverified are available online now. Check out the trailer…



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