Aussie Wine Doco Racks Up Global Awards

June 28, 2018
…and is available to view freely on YouTube.

WineLine 2 – Odyssey, a documentary on one of the oldest wineries in South Australia, has won bronze at the New York Film and Television Awards, and a Gold Camera and Best In Show Awards at the US International Film and Video Festival.

The film is the follow-up to WineLine – The Hamilton Story, winemaker Richard Hamilton’s documentary tracing the origins of his family’s 176 year old business to its inception, which won honours in France, Australia, and was a finalist for the New York Film and Television Awards in 2015.

The seed for the story was started by Hamilton, a Plastic Surgeon and 5th generation winemaker in South Australia, owner of Leconfield Wines.

Originally setting out to create a video promoting the winery, Hamilton found a long history behind the story of the winery that was unknown to him. This included finding hidden cellars left by his ancestors that went previously undiscovered. Hamilton is the great-great grandson of Richard Hamilton, the original pioneer of the winery business.

The Hamiltons arrived in South Australia in 1837, with eight children in tow. They have been making wine in the vineyards of South Australia since the mid-1800s. The clan was the first to plant grape vines in the state.

“The development of the film has grown from the Hamilton family’s unique history in Australian winemaking and my intense desire to tell the story of pioneer winemakers,” Hamilton said.

You can see the documentary in full, here:

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