By Travis Johnson

Damien Power’s Killing Ground is hitting cinemas around Australia on August 24, 2017 – over a month after its scheduled US theatrical and VOD release on July 21.

Australian distributors Mushroom Pictures are no doubt hopeful that Killing Ground‘s critical acclaim – we quite liked it – will translate into decent local box office, but historically, an overseas digital release prior to an Australian release has damaged Australian returns, as eager fans turn refuse to wait.

Genre films Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead and 100 Bloody Acres both suffered pretty badly, with both being listed as the most pirated film available online when digital copies leaked before they hit Aussie cinemas.

Hopefully first week Q&As by director Damien Powers, star Harriet Dyer, and other cast members will bolster the film’s draw.

Starring Dyer, Ian Meadows, Aaron Pedersen, and Aaron Glenane, Killing Ground sees a young couple at an isolated campsite discover an abandoned tent – the first clue that something terrible awaits them in the remote bushland. Before long they are fighting for their lives against murderous locals in a tense scenario reminiscent of Long Weekend and Straw Dogs.


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